Ten Dimensions

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At my birthday celebration dinner yesterday, my Uncle David shared with us this piece of intriguing theory.

There can be ten dimensions, and we exist in all of them.

We all are familiar with the first, second and third dimension, but are blind to the fourth and higher dimensions.

Fourth dimension:

Because we exist in a 3-dimensional world, we are like on a straight line on the fourth dimension, unable to cross distances from one point to the other.

We can only travel on that plane in a straight line.

In simpler terms, in the fourth dimension, we will be able to see the whole of our lives at a single point of time – “Time travel”.

However in the fourth dimensional world, we living in the third dimension can only travel in a straight line, thus we can only live our lives from young to old, and not go to any point in our lives.

Just like a 2-D image cannot travel to the 3-D world, we existing in the 3-D world cannot experience/see what goes on in higher dimensions.

Fifth Dimension:

This dimension means the other possiblities that your life could have turned out, other than your own right now in the third dimension.

You could have been scientist/chef/artist/etc, but you are a doctor now.

This dimension is the so-called “parallel world”.

But because you are a doctor now, the time line of you being a scientist/chef/artist/etc is not cerrently available to you, you have to go back in time to visit time when you were a child, live the events that made you different and then travel forward in that time line to see how you turned out to be a scientist/chef/artist/etc.

Sixth Dimension:

This is a short-cut from having to go back to your childhoood in order to live the other ‘you’.

In this dimension, you can straightaway jump from this doctor ‘you’, to another parallel ‘you’, in which you are a chef. You could see how the world turned out differently immediately, without having to go back to your childhood to trigger the events that made the changes.

This is as far as I could go to explain the dimensions. I understand the higher dimensions, but I cannot put them into words to make them clearer.

I have the link to the video here. Please watch it and imagine! :)


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