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Easy + High + No sense of awareness = 1 wasted girl

I was reading the Chinese newspapers and this particular news caught my attention.

A girl went clubbing and got drunk, accepted a ride home from a stranger, but got more than what she’d bargained for. The man brought her back to his home and forced her to have sex with him before he would allow her to go home.

The girl doesn’t know where she is, doesn’t know how to go home, because she had been too tipsy to realise something was wrong.  A friend had seen her dancing intimately with the alleged rapist in the club earlier on.

In the end the girl was sent home by a sweeper in his motorcycle with a sidecar.

What would I say about this? It is just plain disgraceful.

What do you expect after you tried to arouse a guy by dancing intimately with him in the club? Bodies glued together, hips gyrating in the same motion.

Sure, you think you’d get away, because that’s what everyone is doing, isn’t it? No, you’re wrong. Girls just don’t think bad stuff would happen to them, and that’s one of the main problems with Singaporean girls. They simply do not have awareness.

I have friends who club every week and sometimes accept rides home from males who drive. To them, it may be for convenience’s sake, to for the guy, I wouldn’t be so sure. By accepting rides from people you met at the club, you may appear to them as loose, and ‘easy’. That would increase the likelihood of the guy pulling some stunt, like that one above. Did I mention that they would also most probably be tipsy after downing all that jugs of alcohol?

Easy + High + No sense of awareness = 1 wasted girl.

I know I’m gonna sound like a mother nagging, but I’m still gonna say it. Sure, getting high and dancing to the loud music in clubs may be your cup of tea, but don’t accept rides home from strangers!

Whatever happens in the club stays in the club, don’t bring it home.

Call a cab, approach the bouncers at the club to call a cab for you if you’re too wasted to do so. If you have money to go clubbing so often, you definitely have money for a cab ride home.

Don’t be an accident waiting to happen, and when it does, cry and lament. Nobody will pity you because you do not love yourself in the first place. The only people you’ll hurt most are your parents and yourself.

Be more responsible for your own safety!

Read the STOMP article on the case I mentioned here.


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