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Internship 101 update!

Update on my internship interview, which went pretty well I guess, except for a little glitch!

I was making my way to NUS centre for life sciences for the first time and it was pouring like mad! Tried my best to wave for cabs but most were occupied. But miraculously a cab stopped for me and I was able to reach just a little before the appointment time.

I couldn’t find the professor’s office so I asked someone I met for help. At first she told me there wasn’t a room 02-15 and I was like, “Oh freak, please don’t play any tricks on me!” Then I asked for Prof R, and LUCKILY she said, “Oh Prof R! Just go straight into that door.” I was so relieved, because I had no time to walk to somewhere else if I went to the wrong place!

Prof R gave me a really good impression. I felt welcomed because he actually had a soft copy of my resume on his computer screen before I entered his office, so I was like, “Wow, at least he bothers to ‘be prepared’ for this interview.” The began the questions, he asked me for ‘my story’. I was taken aback by this informality and I literally didn’t know what story I had! Then he elaborated, “What’s my status, what am I currently doing, why did I apply for this internship?” I felt guilty for not understanding him in the first place.

Then he asked for my experience. I couldn’t lie saying that I had alot of experience in school, so I bravely said that the internship would be my first if successful (against the warnings from my senior), and that I just wanted to help out in a research lab, didn’t have any high expectations of killing cancer cells. He seemed quite satisfied, knowing that I know my own place in a professional lab.

And then that was all! He said I have to sign some forms to formally join their team, which most important, is the indemnity form! He joked that whatever happens to me, wouldn’t be the lab’s fault. Nice, he has a good sense of humour too :)

Oh, he then brought me to explore their lab. He sprung me a surprise question, “Do you recognize what machine this is?” I turned around, and looked real hard, and said, “It’s an incubator!”

He then laughed and replied, “Yeah, it’s a PCR machine.”

Oh dear at that time, I felt so dumb! I should have said PCR machine instead of an incubator. But apparently he didn’t think much of it, and continued to show me around. However you never know what he thinks deep down inside! :X

I met few other people there, who tried to help me arrange the papers, but the person in-charge wasn’t there! So now I have to wait for her email to notify me what documents they need from me.

But till now I still have not received her email! Am getting anxious, because this internship is so important to me!

Hope I get a response from her soon!!


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