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5 Zoes for one night

It’s 2 more days to Chinese New Year, and I’m totally dreading it. I don’t understand the hype over meeting relatives whom we only meet once a year, and pretending that everyone’s happy and cheerful. Maybe I’m only saying this because I’m not very keen on seeing some people and putting up a false smiley face.

Furthermore, I wish I could split myself into 3 or 4 Zoes, as I have too many invites to reunion dinners! My grandparents are having one, my mother’s cousin is having one, my boyfriend’s family is having one, and the last one would be at home, sleeping if I may.

And it’s particularly troublesome as my mother is not attending that one at my grandparents’ place, because it’s ‘her tradition’ to go to her cousin’s house for reunion dinners. You see, my grandparents have been in Canada for >10 years and this is one of the few years that they are back for CNY celebrations. So in all those years that they were abroad, my mother has always gone over to her cousin’s place, and hence the ‘tradition’. I think my grandma was very upset that she didn’t turn up for the dinner last year. Can’t believe it’s going to happen again this year.

So where am I supposed to go? If you asked me, I would of course go to my grandparents’ house and have reunion dinner with them, and that’s what I’m gonna do. Hence this year, for the first time in my life, I might be spending new year’s eve without my immediate family.

I feel that all that fuss would be better handled with a little planning. I suggest going to my grandparents’ place first, then to her cousin’s place. Isn’t this what people always do? Have multiple dinners on that night?

Do you even realize that I didn’t mention my dad’s side? According to tradition, we were supposed to go over to the paternal side for reunion dinner on the eve of new year, but of course my mother wouldn’t hear of that. She insisted that we should go over to her side years ago, and hence it became a norm for us.

Can you imagine if I still had to split myself to go over to my dad’s side?

I wish I could join Hammy and his family for reunion dinner too.. They’ve gladly invited me, but I’m very sad to say that it’s not the same on my side. I think it’s difficult for now. If only I had a more understanding family who will not see me as a slut who keeps sticking with her boyfriend.


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