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Come back to those who love you.

What does it feel like to slip into a coma?

Won’t you wonder about it too?

Is it white or colourful?

Do you know what’s happening, or are you oblivious?

Are you trapped in a body that cannot move, see nor speak?

Wait, voices.

You strain.

It’s there, but it’s not.

It’s her, but it’s not.

You’re afraid, but it feels appropriate.

Hell no!

Come back to us, stop sleeping,

A sleep that seem so peaceful, yet turbulent.

What does it feel to slip into a coma,

Please wake and tell us so.


Dear Tw’s uncle, please be strong and wake up!! Grab that 20%. Hell yeah we’re all hanging tight to that hope.

Note: This is not a poem. These are just some words I put together, which came from random thoughts throughout the day.Untitled-1

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