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Shopping at KissJane Bugis

It was totally impromptu. I was bored in school waiting for Hammy’s lesson to end so I decided to just pop by KissJane’s opening launch at Bugis Junction. I even joined their membership on so I can get 15% discount on that day only.

Upon reaching the shop, situated on level 3, I was greeted with familiar blogshop brands such as Tracyeinny, The Tinsel Rack, The Stage Walk, allthingslovely etc.. So exciting!! So I went about my browsing. It was quite chaotic inside as there were so many people scrambling for clothes and queuing for changing rooms. I would say that my experience there wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either!

I saw clothes that had fallen onto the floor, threads that were out of place and actually felt the quality of the clothes, which I do not get to see when I shop online. I mean, I would rather not see all these!

That’s the beauty and attraction of online shopping. Seriously, these blogshops package everything nicely for your visual pleasure. They hide everything that’s supposed to be ‘backstage’, and bring out the most presentable side of the clothes, from choosing models and settings to photoshopping minor details of pictures. And of course, they offer the convenience of shopping at the comfort of your own home at a finger’s click. Lastly, you don’t even see the money flying away from your bank account, which minimizes the guilt of reaching out for your purse and fishing that blue note out.

However one problem is that you can’t try the clothes on to see if it fits, can’t check the quality, can’t refund if you don’t like it after getting it either.

So I thought maybe shopping ‘online clothes’ offline would be a better option, cuz you can see and touch the clothes before you decide to purchase it. And yes, it’s definitely better for my purse because after seeing the clothes in real life, I thought they weren’t as pretty as it was portrayed to be in blogshop photos. Plus, they are also a tad more expensive than buying the same thing from an online shop.

And I actually realized that the workmanship for the same piece of clothing can be vastly different. I saw a piece that was fine, but another was crudely cut and sewn. In fact the difference was so great that I was quite taken aback. Imagine if I ordered online and received the awful piece, I would be so sad!!

So, after walking one round in KissJane, I convinced myself to give it another chance. Maybe there is a hidden gem that I didn’t see in the first time? So I went another round the little shop but sad to say, nope, no treasures for me to take home that day.



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