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Tokyo treats.

Just sharing what Hammy’s sister bought from Tokyo, Japan, when she went in September last year.

Green Tea, Wasabi, and Cheesecake KitKat!

I think the cheesecake one was the nicest, then green tea second best. The wasabi taste was quite mild, it was so sweet that we had to strain our tastebuds to catch a hint of wasabi.

Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana is a must-try/ must-get when you visit Japan. It is highly sought after as souvenir for friends and family. When I first saw it, I was rather sceptical, like “Banana sponge cake? How amazing can it be?”. But I was won over when I bit into it. It is sooooooo nice!

They also have it in chocolate flavour. Both are good, but I think the original tastes better.

Surprise surprise! Cute Tokyo Banana biscuits. Very very nice and unique.

Some other sweet treats :)

Yoku Moku cookies

Stitch biscuits from Tokyo Disneyland

Cute box and packaging.

Mickey and Minnie treats from Disneyland

I think Hammy’s sister was attracted by the metal boxes more than the biscuits. Haha!


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