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Movie Review: Animals United in 3D!

Aha! Less than one week in’s blog club and something good happened to me already.

They sent me a pair of movie tickets to catch the preview screening of ‘Animals United’ in 3D at Shaw Lido! :))

I was so excited when I received the confirmation email because not only is it the first blog club event I’m attending, it’s also the first ever free movie tickets I got in my whole freaking life! Haha thank you!

See my happy face :D

So, I invited Mei along, put on our 3D glasses and enjoyed the movie.


Animals United is really a light-hearted animated film that brings across a very hard truth. The setting is in a savanna where floodwater flows down the valley only once a year. For this particular year however, the water didn’t arrive as expected and in order to get water, Billy the meerkat gathers his buddy, Socrates, a vegetarian lion, to investigate the reason. Along the way, they formed an odd band with Sushi the polar bear,¬†Winston and Winnie, two extremely old tortoises, under the lead of a cockerel, Charles.

And they realized that it was due to a dam that humans had built for recreational and energy purposes, which prevented water from flowing downstream to the savanna. They then roused all animals in the savanna to fight for their survival and destroy the dam.


Their adventures are quite unpredictable, so you will always want to keep a lookout for what they are up to next. The animals are funny, and did I mention there are SO MANY DIFFERENT animals?? Can you imagine how many species of animals they had to model/animate for this show? And I love the texturing of the animals; I could even see the tiny whiskers of the lion, and the animals’ fur looked so real.

My favourite are these two awesomely loving tortoises, Winston and Winnie. I remember she’s 715 years old and he’s 12 years older. Haha they are just soo cute and wise. Dang, I just have a thing for tortoises. ;P

Picture of Animals United at Listal

The film brings across a strong eco message that humans are encroaching on the animals’ habitat and destroying Earth. It reminds people that we are just part of the living eco-system on this planet and do not have the right to do as we like.

It is definitely a good film for kids to learn more about environment conservation and lurrrve animals :D


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  • Leonargo

    That is REALLY funny.. Ok maybe not funny, ok maybe sad, for me. I got free tickets when halfway through watching U-571, the film cut out and I got a free ticket. I used it maybe 5 years after, it served more as a memento, like a Golden Ticket. Funny in life you may hold onto a winner but cash it in way later (delayed gratification). Sorry, going too long on this comment!

    My brother just got a Russian Tortoise, he/she is so cute!!! He has this profound belief that one day the glass will break from him charging it all the time. But he does take it out every day for a walk :)

    Congrats on the win!! :)

    • mypeaceofheaven

      Haha at least you got to enjoy something ‘for free’ like 5 years later! Must have been quite pleasant.
      I’m fine with your long comment! Hahah

      Really??? That is so cool and tortoises are so cute and smart! I would love to have a Russian tortoise for a pet then I can bring it for walks :)
      I don’t know anyone that owns a Russian tortoise here. *envious*

      Thank you! :) I see more good stuff coming.

  • Fannyy

    I watched the show too! Thanks to Omy! (:
    But I was late cuz the Taxi driver drove me to Cathay instead of Shaw!
    So I missed out the front part. :X

    • mypeaceofheaven

      Oh dear! But you know what?? I thought it was at Cathay at first too!! Lucky we checked again.
      Haha but my friend and I ended up stopping at Somerset instead of Orchard and we walked all the way down.

      The front part was some explaining about how the Cockerel, polar bear, tortoises met each other on a floating bathtub! Hahaha.

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