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Cure Natural Aqua Gel Review


When I was walking around in the Watson’s store in Tampines One, I saw this facial product that is ‘Japan’s No.1 best seller’, and one bottle is sold every 20 seconds in Japan. And there were post-its stuck on the shelves with notes hand-written by staff to say that it really works, and asks customers to request for free samples.

Free samples, how can I miss it right? Plus I was genuinely curious what this product can do. Haha, so I went to the counter and got 2 packets of ‘CURE Natural Aqua Gel’ in the sample pack. =D



It’s actually an exfoliator to remove dead skin and dirt from the surface, while supporting the regeneration of the skin. So it will clear the impurities, AND promote the renewal of skin cells. The BEST part is, the gel is water-based, gentle and does not cause undue stress to the skin, unlike chemical peels.

There was a really cute cartoon inside the pamphlet. =)


So I tried it, on my hand first, and I saw these really tiny ‘skin balls’ appearing.


Haha Then I tried on my face that night and there was ALOT more dead skin! oops.

But I really like how my face felt the next day. It felt smoother and sort of like bouncier. But the rule is, the gel can only be used twice a week, cuz it’s not very good to keep sloughing off your skin cells right?! Might cause severe skin irritation. Usually I’ll just slap on a face mask after that, just nice as masks are also recommended to use twice weekly also. I’m still using the packet of sample after 3 applications, as only a small amount is required.

Steps in applying Cure:

1. After washing your face, towel dry to get rid of all water droplets.

2. Squeeze a blob of Cure onto your fingertips.

3. Massage the face of area of concern that you want to remove the skin cells in a circular motion.

4. Once the dead skin cells have come off, do your daily skin-care routine as you would regularly.

The bottle is selling for $42 at Watson’s stores islandwide.


It looks big, but it’s actually quite small. Haha, and for 42 bucks, I don’t know if I bear to get it. I’ll probably finish using the sample packets then get more sample packets from TheSampleStore. Haha cheapskate ol’ me.

Here are more FAQs that came in the pamphlet:

Q: Does Cure possibly remove too much skin cells?

A: No. Cure itself doesn’t dissolve protein. You will not remove extra skin cells as long as you gently massage, and not rub too hard.

Q: Can I apply Cure on my body?

A: Yes, you can apply Cure all over your body. If you give yourself a bath with our bath salt, Cure Bathtime, after applying Cure, you will feel your skin thoroughly moisturized and smooth.

Q: How long does one bottle last?

A: One bottle contains 250ml of gel. One push of the bottle equals to about 1ml of gel. If you use 8 pushes of gel and apply twice a week, one bottle will last up to 4 months.

Q: Nothing comes off while I”m applying Cure.

A: Cure doesn’t work well under wet and cold conditions. Be sure to store it at room temperature and best results are achieved when used under normal body temperature. If you apply Cure on the sole of your feet and heels, you will see results. Please make sure your face, hands and legs are dry before using Cure.

That’s all folks :)



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