Day Two without Endah

Guess what?? On the second day without Endah, the washing machine friggin’ broke down.

Hammy called the repair service and I could not believe that they said the earliest they could drop by is 4 days later. What are we gonna do without the washing machine!?? Ok I’m exaggerating but this is a matter of life and death, and I found it ridiculous that we have to wait FOUR days to get a washing machine fixed. It’s not something that we can pre-arrange the maintenance date as such a breakdown was totally unexpected and the machine is still rather new. This only means that SO many people’s washing machines broke down that they didn’t have enough repairmen. The brand is Electrolux by the way.

The laundry was only half-done at the point of breakdown, so we had to hand wash the load to prevent the soaked clothes from stinking and growing mold. Making matters worse, poor hammy blamed himself for unknowingly setting the temperature of the water at 40 degrees celcius, causing colour from a jeans to run. The entire laundry load was stained a dull blue. We washed the blue out of the clothes with Dynamo twice, and then rinsed thoroughly.


Sounds easy? It wasn’t. After today, I admired women of olden days who hand washed every piece of clothing with a washing board. No wait, women in developing countries still use their hands and a washing board. :S

So 2 sorry souls squatted/sat in the kitchen area, and washed the day away.

It would then be decided that clothes for the next 4 days wouldn’t be washed until the washing machine was fixed.


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