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Red Pot Hong Guo – “Cross Bridge Beehoon” (Nex)

Met up with Gerwyn after eons and such makan sessions always end up in probing his relationship status and why he is not attached yet. Who is interested in a tall and hunky fireman? Haha interested applicants can apply here.

Seriously, we’re at Nex so often that we don’t know what else to eat there anymore, so we decided to try something new. $8 for a bowl of noodles. =S

Fried rice set meals.
The signature noodle dishes.


'Salty Dog' drink that contains plums.
A bowl of empty soup.

I have no idea why the beehoon is named ‘Cross Bridge’ (translated from Chinese), when it has nothing to do with bridges at all! But I guess the highlight is that you’re given a change to ‘cook’ the noodles yourself, although everything is cooked except the quail egg. It does get cooked by the hot soup eventually, but disappears after that cuz the bowl is so big!

Adding in the ingredients one by one.
The final outcome.

The soup was surprisingly clear and refreshing, not too salty. It also has a unique taste, one that you can’t easily replaced with other noodle dishes. Maybe that’s why people still patronize this shop even though $8 for a bowl of beehoon is a little crazzzzzyy.

XO Seafood fried rice.
Pumpkin fries.

The pumpkin fries are pretty addictive! Sweet inside, yet salty from the seasoning. Yums, I would definitely go back for this dish. Feels less sinful than a packet of fries. Haha

红锅 (Hong Guo)

23 Serangoon Central
#B1-75 Nex S556083

Tel: 66344675Untitled-1


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