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Maybelline Clear Smooth BB White Cream Review

You know how some BB creams turn grey after oxidizing, and then your face becomes dull like a zombie? Worse, it turns purple and makes your face look bruised. Or those BB creams that don’t fulfill their promise as a ‘Blemish Balm’ and give you clogged pores and breakouts instead? Those are a horror and also the reasons why I stay away from BB creams. I’d never want my face of be of a different colour from my neck and shoulders!

I have not been using BB creams for a very long time now, but I foresee myself changing that habit. Simply because I have found something brilliant.

Introducing Maybelline Clear Smooth BB White Cream!

Ever since getting that packet of sample from CLEO’s magazine and making full use of that 1ml (seriously, I used it for 3 days!), I’m hooked. I can’t even begin to say how flawless it made my skin look.

Away with all the nose pores, away with reddish zits and dullness. After applying, my skin was lifted and brightened, by possibly 3 shades (no kidding). Then finishing with loose powder to mattify my face, the effect was Boom Boom POW~

Just check out my unedited photos below for proof.

Besides all that foundation effects, it also packs a punch of beauty goodies for your skin. It hydrates and helps to reduce pigmentation! Although you can still see my freckles peeking through from the above pictures, I can assure you it’s much worse without it. What;s more, it comes with 8 other properties!

  • High UV Protection (SPF 50, PA+++)
  • Evens skin tone
  • Visibly lightens skin tone
  • Smooths pores
  • Corrects the appearance of dark spots
  • More hydrated skin
  • Conceals imperfections
  • All day coverage, long lasting

My verdict:

I love it that my skin still looks smooth and bright even after one whole day of wearing (12 hour wear). Sure, it does get a teeny greasy around the T-zone, but a little blotting and it’s all set. For girls with oily skin, this is really an excellent product. Of course you must pile on your usual toner and moisturizer before applying BB cream, then your skin won’t get dehydrated and produce oil to make up for the lack of moisture during the day. Then, always remove BB creams like you would with normal foundations too – with a make up remover. After cleansing, repeat with toner and moisturizer for the night :)

Okay now, my sample packet is emptied… I’m just gonna have to buy that tube!Untitled-1

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