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[Event] Beauty DIY – Judy Lin “女人我最大”林叶亭老师 in Singapore!

I am so honoured to be invited to Judy Lin’s beauty event, and what’s more? To be styled by the celebrity beauty and hair stylist herself! Major grin pls =))

Judy Lin, aka 林叶亭老师, is a regular face in Taiwan’s famous variety show ” 女人我最大”. She has over 20 years of beauty styling experience for celebrities in Taiwan and now she’s coming to Singapore for a public event organized by Beauty Bistro.

Click for a larger image.

I’ll be at Suntec City Hall 402 for the hair styling segment at 4:15pm – 4:45pm. I’m mad excited to see her in real person, and wonder what hairstyle she’ll be giving me! I am a goondu when it comes to styling my hair. For goodness’ sake, I don’t even know how to do french braid for myself! I don’t own curling tongs nor styling products. When it comes to my hair, I’m boring to tears. (I’m just glad that it hasn’t given me too much problem) So I definitely need her help! :)

*Update* they cancelled the event on the 14th at suntec!

Come down to the event and learn how to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, and using the right products for your tresses!

There are also going to be other segments such as slimming, skin care, face care, so you’re gonna learn so much from the 女人我最大 beauty guru :)

Beauty Bistro’s website:

Judy Lin’s Blog:


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