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[Food Review] You & Mee Noodle place

On two occasions that I had to settle lunch by myself at Northpoint, I chose to visit the newly opened noodle stall, You & Mee~ It’s pretty cosy and I could sit alone by myself at a table and have lunch in peace. Northpoint’s food court is closed for renovations. I don’t know why they must renovate when it still looks pretty new. I miss their nice food… Nasi Padang/Japanese/Thunder tea rice.. just to name a few favourites. I just hope these stalls remain after the renovation. Okay back to topic!

You and Mee sells Indonesian street hawker-styled noodles. Even the decor says it.

The first time I went, I tried their Pek Lor Mee ($5.80), meaning ‘white braised noodle’. Very different from the usual Lor Mee, it had egg noodles in a thick seafood broth. I found it a tad too salty, but I went back two days later to try another noodle dish!

This time I had Mee Ayam ($4.80), basically means chicken noodle. I found this quite tasty! Also, the noodle had a Q Q texture and nothing quite like the noodles I’ve tried before. Generous serving of braised chicken! I would recommend this over the Pek Lor Mee; it’s cheaper too.

This caught my eye. Wah, now even eating noodle has so much 学问? Although I do appreciate the freedom and choices provided :D

I love their nutty chili with the Pek Lor Mee, and pickled chili with the Mee Ayam. Yum!

Such Indonesian noodle dishes are uncommon, and to be honest I’m pretty sick of normal Wanton Mee etc etc, so I’d definitely go back to try all their other noodle dishes such as Beef ball noodles or Mee KangKung. Interesting!

You & Mee is located at :


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