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[Beauty Review] Biore’s UV AQUA Rich Face Mousse vs Perfect Face Milk

Biore has so many types of sunscreens that I really haven’t got down to trying them all. I have been using Biore’s Perfect Face Milk daily on days that I do not apply BB cream for a period of time now. ┬áBut I am really curious about how the different types of sunscreens would appear on my face and the properties that they feature. Some are matte-ifying, while some are hydrating etc etc..

From the AQUA RICH range: Face Mousse and UV Gel

From the Milk range: Perfect Face Milk, Bright Face Milk, Moist Face Milk, UV Perfect Milk. Source

Hmm, I wonder what the differences are between all the face milks…

For this post, I tried Biore UV AQUA Rich Face Mousse and I’m going to compare it with Biore Perfect Face Milk. Perhaps I’ll try their UV AQUA rich Watery Jelly next. There’s also the Bright Face Milk that promises to give you the glow and shine like Japanese/Korean girls.. Imagine the number of looks you can create every day just by using different sunscreens! #mindblown

This is the sample size I received from TheSampleStore. Thanks to them that I’m able to review this product as well. Otherwise it’s madness to buy them all in the range to test out the effects!

It has a mousse-like texture, as suggested by its name. And perhaps the most interesting thing is that when you spread it on your face, it totally feels like spreading chocolate mousse cake on it. It is airy, light, goes on smoothly and gets absorbed fast.

After applying, the effect is a healthy-looking shine without being oily. It is great for outdoor activities like sports with its SPF 50+/pa+++ feature. It also has Hyaluronic Acid that locks in moisture, and citrus essence that softens skin. I use this when I want to hydrate my skin for the day, but I actually prefer my face to be matte, so I would also have to put on concealer and loose powder after I apply the mousse.

For lazy days… I would recommend the following, Perfect Face Milk!

(Note: more suitable for combination to oily skin types. For normal or sensitive skin types, it might be over-drying.)

Bought this at Watson’s and after browsing through Biore’s super wide range of sunscreen products, I figured this would suit me best. It’s my second bottle actually. It’s very simple. I love it because it has THE BEST MATTE EFFECT that lasts throughout the whole day! Normal sunscreens would be too heavy/oily on my face and that causes break outs. However, just look at how light-weight this darling is.

It comes out as a thin, watery liquid and it gets absorbed really quickly, leaving no sticky feeling. In fact, it makes the skin smooth with its Sebum-absorbing powder. Yes, powder in sunscreen! I don’t even have to apply loose powder after that. Just some concealer and I’m ready to go and it looks like I have smooth and matte skin the entire day! I cannot rave about it any less because this is the first sunscreen product that promises me a shine-free face, and delivers it. <3<3


I really like the Perfect Face Milk for its matte effects, but I realized that it can be drying after prolonged use, such as my skin will be flaky, or flaky regions would be more visible. So I try not to use it for more than a week consecutively. On other days, I might use my BB cream (it has SPF properties too), or the Face Mousse. It depends on my mood. :)

However remember, thorough cleansing with a make up remover is very important to avoid overly clogged pores! Toodles!Untitled-1

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