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[Life] Ice-skating at Jcube is like being a fish in an aquarium


Jcube has generated so much hype ever since it opened a few weeks ago! It was with much anticipation and excitement when Mei Hung and I decided to visit. How can we not check out the Olympic-sized ice-skating rink?! Haha the one at Kallang Leisure Park is getting quite old and the blades aren’t that smooth anymore. After skating at the new rink, I have to say that I’m rather impressed =)

Before skating, we must first fill up our energy tank. So we stopped at this Taiwan streets food restaurant right beside the skating rink. We were attracted to the eye-catching colourful signs, so vibrant that we decided there and then that we were having some Taiwanese cuisine.

Took some snapshots of the menu to show the variety of food available. I haven’t been to Taiwan so I don’t know if these dishes are commonly found there.

Just looking at their side dishes makes me salivate!! I was excited to see so many kinds that I’ve not tried before. This time, I had the Stuffed Fried Tofu $4.50. It’s the first picture. When the dish came, it totally didn’t look like that! We were wondering if they gave us the wrong dish. But all’s well, cuz it’s yummy.

We tried their pearl milk tea, which wasn’t quite to our fancy. The pearls were hard and not chewy, and the milk tea was a little too sweet. Maybe it’s because nowadays we can choose the sugar level of our bubble tea from standalone bubble tea stalls and I’d always go for 50% less sugar. Milk tea is very important to Taiwanese cuisine, I hope they get it right!

Our Fried Tofu! The name is super misleading cuz the only ‘tofu’ part is the beancurd skin, and the white portion is actually fishcake. But the size is really quite big, and when we broke into it, we were surprised to see so much dong fen inside! Lol

Being really petite girls, we decided to just order one main, and that would be Taiwanese Spicy Braised Beef Noodle Set $15.90 that comes with some other small side dishes that weren’t very nice so I shan’t feature them. Spot them yourself. Haha

Hmmmm… It wasn’t the tastiest beef noodle I’ve had before, and it had a slight beefy taste to it. Mei Hung gave me a condescending look when I said it tasted a little beefy. Heey, it’s not illegitimate, beef noodles can taste aromatic, and not beefy. That’s why some people love mutton that does not smell muttony, or fish that doesn’t taste fishy. Haha, make sense?

The portions are really huge, and I’ll definitely be back to try the other side snacks.

When we were almost done eating, the waitress came over and asked if we had any last orders cuz they were closing soon. It was like what, about 4pm?!?! Then I exclaimed, you guys are closing so early?? And she explained, they have to close to prepare for dinner time cuz they finished using the ingredients.

Woah, it feels like if they didn’t close for awhile, they wouldn’t have enough ingredients left for the dinner guests. And that’s probably a good idea to do so cuz this is the dinner time queue at 7-ish. Lucky we didn’t have to queue earlier on!!! It’s best to go around 3+/4pm.

Then we walked about the mall, it’s just nice that we had about 1half hours to shop cuz the next skating schedule was 5:15pm – 7:15pm.

So this is the popular Sticky sweet shop! There was a crowd surrounding the storefront and there are just so many types of flavours of ‘hard sweets’. haha I don’t know what to call them, except ‘hard sweets’.

Took a video of them chopping the metre-long sweets! Watch how they do it so easily!! Haha I realized that a funny question Mei Hung asked got caught in the video. We were given a sample of the purple sweet they were cutting. Don’t laugh!

Then we dropped into Payless to try on shoes. Shh! haha it really can quicken a girls’ heart to see so many shoes arranged so neatly in so many designs. And the best thing? They are all in her size! Hahaha I wear a size 4, but 勉强 still can fit into a size 5. Saw a pair of blue booties that we both liked but it’s $60!


Okay sorry for my weird pose. This is NOT how I look when I skate. Haha

This was taken in the restroom. Information for people who don’t skate, skaters wear their skates into the restrooms and do whatever they need to! The floor is specially rubberized so it’s really quite easy to walk on it with blades.

See my pink scarf?? It was a gift from Hammy’s sister and her husband when they went for honeymoon in Europe! Hahaha ice-skating is probably the only activity I get to wear a wool scarf in Singapore. ‘Zoe’ and ‘Italy’ are embroidered at the ends =) Major love this.

Lol, like my title, ice-skating in Jcube is really like being a fish in an aquarium. You can do whatever you want, but people will be watching. Haha especially with the crowd at the sides, or when people from higher storeys stare down, they really can see every spin and fall. I guess I was too scared to fall, so I just skated fast and didn’t do any tricks. Haha wait please, I don’t even know how to do any tricks except skate backwards. Aiya I’m too scared to lose control and fall. Mei hung is different, she aims to fall at least once every ice-skating session by doing tricks. But it’s really embarrassing to do so in front of such a big crowd… =X

Jcube’s rink

After skating in both Jcube and Kallang Leisure Park, I would say that the experiences are really different. Skating in KLP is less stressful, and I could feel a connection with myself as I glide on the ice. The tracks played are also more ‘romantic’, and I could sing along and feel like I’m flying. I sound weird, but that’s the therapeutic effect ice-skating has on me. =) In Jcube, too many people are watching!! I’m probably paranoid but I could feel so many eyes on me. Haha I found that I couldn’t connect with myself, and it was just an activity, not a ‘healing session’. Okay if I ramble on, you guys would probably think I’m weird!

But do you have an activity that you love that it’s rejuvenating for the soul every time you do it? If you do, you’d know what I’m talking about.

Tip: If you’re planning to ice-skate, remember to bring along gloves and socks so you don’t have to purchase them. Gloves are $2/pair so you save 2 bucks! Socks are for personal hygiene and prevention of blisters. The thicker the better! Also, the rink at Jcube operates in fixed 2hr schedules as follows: 12:45pm – 2:45pm, 3pm – 5pm, 5:15pm – 7:15pm, 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Go at the wrong time and you might have to wait for an hour plus for the next one, like we did. There’s no rule that says you can’t go in if that particular session is already half done, but of course that’d be a waste of money!


Visit Jcube- The New Chic Hangout and check out the retail and Olympic-sized skating rink now! =) It’s just within walking distance from Jurong East mrt station.



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