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[Life Update] Mei Hung’s Graduation Show!!


FINALLY. AFTER 4 YEARS. I attended Mei Hung’s graduation show held at Sinema Old School. The previous times when she had a show I couldn’t turn up because of various reasons.. Sigh they sounded like excuses but are not! Lucky Mei Hung understands, well, she was mad for awhile… =X

So this time, I was really glad to be able to attend her grad show, even if it meant skipping an estranged cousin’s wedding dinner AND Maybelline’s New (York) Me party at Zouk. I 放下 everything else!! Haha but it was worth it, getting into a brawl with my parents for not attending the wedding dinner, to see Mei Hung showcase her work. She was the cinematographer for 4 films, and director of the movie trailers. I’m so proud of her!! Haven’t watched the films yet, as they are only going to have a public screening at Filmgarde Iluma Bugis in July. I’m so excited!

Props for a film “My Parents are Animals” that Mei Hung was involved in.

We are studying ‘semen’ that Mei Hung made. Erm okay that doesn’t sound right. No idea why it is green, but I might know after watching the film. Haha

These are for the film, “Last One Standing”. Gonna sound really explicit here, but the film’s about a masturbat-athon. I can’t believe that’s a freaking real competition. I’m not going to explain what it is, go google! I kept thinking that it was something that they made up. CHeck out my epic reaction when I heard it was real. Gaggggg.

A booth that got me interested.

We went round to view the works of Photography/Visual Comm/Digital Animation graduating students. Some pretty impressive stuff! The show is still on from now till 6th May at 12 pm.  Check out the event’s facebook page and head over to Old School!


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