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[Food Review] Geylang Food Map: Vegetarian food for thought

Southern Palace vegetarian restaurant in Geylang

We have been going back to this Vegetarian restaurant at Geylang for quite some time now. Mainly because it’s near to Hammy’s place, and it serves quite decent and healthy vegetarian food. We love their noodles dishes and keep going back for more. The taste may be more bland, but it sure takes effort to re-create the flavour of a dish that’s boiled with chicken/prawns/pork, from foods of non-animal origins.

I was feeling a little ‘heaty’ and wasn’t up to having the real deal, so I ordered their Laksa ($3.50) which I really enjoyed cuz it was light and less spicy.

Vegearian Laksa

Hammy loves their Prawn Noodle Soup ($3.50) and it’s his first choice whenever we are there. I’m more adventurous, so I tried their Tom Yum vermicelli ($3.50) as well on a previous visit. I like how they add loads of other vegetarian goodies like mock chicken/fishcake/prawn, and they all taste quite good to me.

Vegetarian Prawn Mee
Vegetarian tom yum vermicelli

Lastly, we would complete our meal with crispy ‘Zai Er’ and mock char siew =) I used to not like mock char siew because I thought it tasted like rubber, but this one was pretty chewy and did not have the plasticky taste.

Crispy ‘Zai er’ and vegetarian char siew
Crispy ‘Zai er’

I’m not sure what Zai er is called in english, but it’s something like deep-fried crispy tofu skin if I’m not wrong.

Southern Palace Vegetarian Restaurant is located at:

654 Geylang Road, Geylang, along Lor 38.


(UPDATE: We don’t patronise this place anymore ever since we found a fly in their Vegetarian Rojak and a metal scrub sponge piece in their noodle. GASP. Just letting you guys know.)Untitled-1

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