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[Life Update] GRADUATED!


Four years passed so fast. Am I really a graduate now?! The end of poster day (a day when we put up posters on our Final Year Projects and present them to examiners and guests) marks the end of my University life.

We were all complaining this year cuz we had to present on two days instead of the usual one day for past years. The first day, I was all jittery. It’s madness to just stand around your poster, and wait hours for a professor to approach. We have no idea who and what time they were gonna come and just have to be prepared at all times.

This is my poster! Looks a little un-scientific because I did a project that developed video protocols to aid in undergraduate lab classes. What I’m really proud of is that these videos will be used in subsequent semesters as part of juniors’ practicals. So I actually did something to help the current system :)

The second day was more relaxed, and everyone was just going around socializing. It was after all the last day of school! Sobs. :'( We visited each other at their booths, took pictures, and chitchat. It was kind of more of a socializing event than a presentation!!

My team mates Calvin and Zah with whom I completed the project. Had a really fun time ┬áduring the whole time. Everything is better when you have company, so you don’t face things alone. Teamwork was really important as the three of us were in charge of different aspects of the project and we really work quite well to glue everything together. Thanks guys!

Here’s my clique in school. I wouldn’t be able to survive college if not for them. Their crazy antics and jokes really make life more interesting and fun. There were some ups and downs but I’m thankful I’m still part of them.

One last person to thank is Hammy. He’s always there to help me through this period. Without his help, things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly. Thank you dear.

Alright! I’m officially graduated. Now it’s time to look forward and move on to more challenges in life! Wish me luck. But no matter what, I’m glad to have Mypeaceofheaven as an outlet and my pride.

Omg I’m getting emotional! :”)


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