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[Event] Be Positively Teal – Raising Awareness for Ovarian Cancer

I have so much exciting news in store for you guys that I don’t know where to start!! Haha okay let’s do it step by step. Last Friday, I attended ‘Positively Teal Bloggers Event’ at La Maison Du Canele @ Shaw. It was AMAZING. I got so much out of it and I’m going to share.

Why teal? It’s the colour representing the fight against ovarian cancer! If you don’t know what teal is, just check out my profile picture on the top right! Haha ——————————–>>>>>>>>

I know nobody likes to talk about cancer… You probably have half a mind to close this page now, BUT hold up! It doesn’t hurt to know just a little more, right?


You probably haven’t heard much on Ovarian cancer in Singapore due to the lack of TV advertisements and broadcasts. The ovaries are also hidden in the body such that most women possess the notion of “What you can’t see can’t harm you.”

But the truth is, it can.

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer among Singapore women, and 1 in 80 women face it in their lifetime. Those are pretty high odds, I’d say.

There are CURRENTLY NO TESTS that you can do, unlike breast cancer where you can go for mammogram, or cervical cancer, where you go for a Pap Smear, to detect ovarian cancer. That makes it so much scarier, and that’s also why patients usually go to the doctor when the symptoms become too unbearable. And that’s when the disease is already at Stage III or IV.

THE ONLY WAY. Is to recognize the symptoms by yourself. This is crucial, because sometimes our bodies give us signals that something is not quite right, but how many of us have actually listened? This is especially so with most older people. Even if they knew that there was something not right, they wouldn’t approach a doctor. That’s where you, the younger generation comes in, to help educate them and encourage them to see a doctor when they feel unwell. And unfortunately, cancer isn’t bias – it attacks women in their 20s too.

Treating ovarian cancer at its early stages can exponentially increase survival rates and patients are able to lead normal lives after that.


Here’s the most important part of my post. If there’s only one part you should read, this is it.

What are the symptoms?

– Bloated feeling in the abdomen

– Abdominal distension

– Abdominal discomfort

– Backache or ache in the legs

– Change of bowel habits

– Urinary complaints

– Abnormal vaginal bleeding

– Loss of weight

I was damn upset when I saw these symptoms. They are so freaking non-specific! Every woman probably has experienced the above symptoms before, and how do we know if it’s the real deal?

Even the doctors had no answer.

How I felt

I guess the only way is to be vigilant about your body’s signals and don’t ignore them if you or your loved ones are experiencing two or more of the above symptoms concurrently.


Canele, one of the sponsors of Positively Teal campaign, hosted the closed-door event for us on Friday. A total of about 20 bloggers were present, and I was really honoured to be able to attend. Thank you Ju Ann for the invite. =)

To show their support, the Executive pastry chef of Canele, Christophe Grilo, launched a newly created Teal coloured macaroon! Along with the teal macaroons, we also had cute cupcakes and finger food. All of them are too pretty to be eaten!!

Sweet feature of the day: Teal macaroons with a hint of mint and raspberry in the middle! The raspberry balanced the sweetness of the butter cream and the result was a a perfect combination of flavours.

Pretty cupcakes!! I would have ALL if I could, but I only took the pink coloured one.

Didn’t try this cuz it’s all sugaaar that melts in your mouth.

Cesar chicken mini-wraps.

Le chef proud of his creations.

Adorable illustrations on the walls of Canele.

Ovarian cancer survivor Lim Ai Ling, who gave a splendid speech on how she overcame the disease. She was diagnosed 3 years ago at 28 years old. What touched me was how she ended her speech with heartfelt thanks to the doctors present that day who saved her life.

Part of her speech:

“Being young doesn’t immunize you from cancer. I’m a living proof. I’m very lucky that I did not ignore the signs and symptoms that my body was showing.”

That seriously struck me and gave me goosebumps. I admire her for her courage and how normal she is now. She found a job, and a man who accepts her for who she is. I was lucky to sit next to her during the event and had the chance to converse with her. Amazing lady.

Then it was lucky draw time!! Haha What a surprise, I was the first to be called up to receive a consolation prize of Choco Marvel chocolate drink to ease menstrual cramps. Lololol. Thanks Samantha for helping me take this photo! She was really friendly and kind :) Other bloggers were luckier to win handbags from BATA and watches worth $108!

With A/Prof Jeffrey Low and Ai Ling.

So lucky to have spent such a meaningful evening with the peeps from Singapore Cancer Society, doctors and bloggers. The organizers really put in a lot of effort to prepare notes for us, and a FAT goody-bag filled with lovely stuff. More importantly, they want us to spread the message that we ladies must be aware of our own bodies, and never be afraid. What will come will come, but we must fight it. And in order to give a good fight, we must be equipped with the necessary knowledge. If you still do not know what knowledge I’m talking about, please read my post again from the top!! Haha

Anyway, the campaign doesn’t end here. They have something exciting coming up!

They are bringing the party to ZOUK! I’d definitely want to see doctors letting their hair down. *QUICK, think of the doctors in Greys Anatomy* Haha AND AND I might just be walking down that runway dressed in KissJane apparels alongside inspiring cancer survivors.

Purchase the ZOUK tickets here and the proceeds will go to Singapore Cancer Society in support of the fight against Ovarian Cancer.

So spread the message and see you there!

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I’m going to reveal what KissJane has in store for you, in my next post. So stay tuned! =DUntitled-1


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