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[Make-Up] Za Cosmetics Beauty Workshop / Product Launch

Last Thursday, I was in town for Za Cosmetics’ new product launch featuring their new BB cream UV! It is the newest pink addition to the Total Hydration skin care range.

The Total Hydration range, all in pretty pearl pink bottles! No doubt to attract those sweeeet young things at heart.

We got to try the products, which I think is a good opportunity to decide if it’s the next brand to get. There are so many brands and products out there that we can be a little spoiled for choice. Woe be to us if we got an unsuitable one and causes breakouts!!

I realized that I might be more interested in make up than skincare cuz all the photos I took at the event are of make up products! But it could also be that the texture and colour of Za’s Total Hydration skincare range looks exactly the same as each other that it didn’t occur to me to take photos of all of them. :X I will be doing a review on 4 of its skincare products soon though, so let this one be on the make up. :)

First up we used the Za’s make up remover, which I found to be pretty good. I had eyeliner on the back of my hand and after massaging the make up remover and then using baby wipes to clean the area, the eyeliner was removed thoroughly.

For the above picture, I had two products on my hand. The beige one was the BB cream UV and the whitish pink one was the True White Instant Brightener. There is an obvious difference between the two products, the True White Instant Brightener illuminates the skin and creates a pearly effect. It is more suitable for people with really fair skin, so it would look as if they have a healthy pink glow. The BB cream is a little darker, and is actually more of an apricot colour. I’m not sure if it’ll be suitable on my face, but we’ll find out soon when I do the review! Haha

Concealer number 2 and 3 mixed to achieve a middle shade that is closer to my skin tone. I found that their concealer worked really well to conceal my dark circles. Look below for my picture!

Ever Brows in Neutral Grey. I have black hair so naturally, grey is the best option for me. Some brands don’t even make eyebrow pencils in grey/soft black, so this was a treat!

Their eyeshadow palette, which I applied lightly for the picture below. I used the second combination. Larry, the presenter that day said it’s up to personal preference and somehow I tend to lean towards the sweeter colours. Ladies around me were choosing the first palette, so that might be the more popular one.

I’m still a supporter of natural-looking make up. Haha ^^

Thank you Za-cosmetics for organizing the workshop!Untitled-1

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