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[Food Review] Poy Kee Yong Tau Foo @ People’s Park Food Centre

Hammy and I are always on the look out for good hawker food. When we were in Chinatown one day, he brought me to savour this Poy Kee Yong Tau Foo at People’s Park Food Centre. Just look at the queue! Fortunately their service was quick, so we waited for only about 20 minutes. Hammy was wayyy behind all these guys.

Not usually a big fan of fishballs/fishcakes etc, I was quite interested to see what secret lies within the bowl of Yong Tau Foo soup. For my foreign readers, “Yong Tau Foo” which means stuffed beancurd/tofu, is a dish made up of tofu stuffed with minced pork or fish paste. They usually have a wide variety of such stuffed tofu, and others such as vegetables and mushrooms that you choose, to go with rice or noodle.

Well, Poy kee is not the usual yong tau foo stall where you pick the pieces you want to have with your noodles. They serve just a standard selection of yong tau foo, which was fine by me as it saves me the trouble of deciding which tofu pieces to choose.

Soup – $5

2 bowls of noodle – $2

Total cost for 2 pax = $7!!!

So cheap! Hahaha

Now I know what why so many people were queuing up for this. Firstly, it’s very affordable. Secondly, it’s delicious. Thirdly, it is a healthy meal, great for the elderly people who frequent Chinatown! The serving size was large enough to fill us up. And I have to mention the fishballs. You know how hard and fishy fishballs become after being boiled in soup for a long time? Poy Kee’s fishballs are not like that!¬†They are just so springy, bouncy and soft!

It was worth the wait.

Poy Kee Yong Tau foo is located at:

Blk 32 New Market Road, #01-1066 People’s Park Cooked Food Centre, SingaporeUntitled-1

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