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[Beauty Review] Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack

Nose pore packs are the quickest and most effective method to get rid of blackheads/whiteheads on your nose when you’re heading to that beach party tomorrow and find that your nose is looking fine like a strawberry!


Haha, get what I mean?

Well, our pores produce sebum and oil to protect and moisture our skin, but sometimes sebum and dead skin cells can clog up our pores. Blackheads are actually sebum and dead skin cells that are pushed out through follicles. (source: Fit & Health) If they are left there for long, they may lead to whiteheads, or pimples.¬†Using pore strips can’t prevent blackheads from forming, but they can reduce the chances of acne forming and improve the look and condition of the skin.

Biore’s nose pore strips are more widely known for this purpose, and I tried a pack before. However I found that their strips just work fine, the job still gets done, but I wasn’t quite satisfied. Hence, I was out looking for a better nose pore strip and decided to try Skinfood’s Black Bean Nose Pack.

The Skinfood Black Bean nose pack contains black soybean extract, which has excellent skin pore care properties, that will completely pull out blackheads on the nose bridge. Black soybean extract has an astringent effect, so it pulls out blackheads leaving your pores smaller and smoother.

Before using the product, I would exfoliate and wash my face. Exfoliation sloughs away rough dead skin on the surface, leaving the dirty substances more exposed and hence easier for extraction.

Here are the instructions for use!

1) After facial wash, wet your nose and surrounding area thoroughly.

2) Dry your hands and remove the clear film of sheet. Adhere it to the shape of your nose.

3) Lightly press the sheet like pushing the air toward your nose bridge, nasal tip and the edges.

4) Leave it for about 15 minutes for it to dry completely.

5) Once it has dried and hardened, peel off the sheet from bottom to top.

6) Remove any residues with water.

The nose sheet smelled exactly like its name – black bean. Actually I thought it smelled too much like black sesame ice cream. Haha. But that’s the allure of Skinfood products, they make them smell so delicious. To be honest, the smell made it a real plus point, for me. Lol. I went about my own business for about 15 minutes and after feeling that the sheet has hardened, I peeled it right off! I took a good look at the sheet, and the amount of blackheads on my nose…… was horrifying! Just a while ago, all that gunk were in my pores. X(

TADAH, a super closed-up and macro shot of the nose sheet after extraction. Okay isn’t this gross? I’m sorry if it grossed you out! Cuz it sure did me. But I would rather them OUT than in my skin!!!! Lolol

Black Bean nose pack is available at Skinfood outlets at $12.80 for 5 pieces. Alternatively, you may also try to get them from Gmarket, which is alot cheaper, shipped directly from Korea! :)Untitled-1


  • Siaw Tan

    Wow! That was a lot you have got there.

    But it made me feel tempted to try this product. I have tried a couple of Korean brands’ nose strips, but so far only those from Tony Moly worked very well.

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