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[Life] 5 Signs You’re Being Too Reliable


To be reliable is to be a person that others can depend on and trust. It is the result of a combination of  several virtues such as being trustworthy, responsible and predictable. People like you because they can trust you to complete a task, you’re responsible enough not to just chuck it aside. Also unlike some others, you’re predictable enough to do it, just like they told you to.


It is awesome to be reliable, employers love to promote reliable people, and consumers buy from reliable businesses. Among family members and friends, being reliable and responsible makes you a good ‘Ah Boy/ Ah Girl’ or a buddy people can count on. But in my opinion, it is also possible to be TOO RELIABLE, which I feel can take a toll on yourself if you’re not careful enough. Based on my observations and hanging out with Hammy, here are top 5 signs that you’re being overly reliable. Yes, this blog post was inspired by him!! Disclaimer: the following may sound like a ranting post.

1) You’re the No.1 person people call in situations

In times of emergency and someone is needed to come to their rescue, you’re on their Favourites list, even when there are other options available. Anything happens, just call A. Don’t know anything? Just call A. Need something to be done, call A. Just call A!! He’ll do the rest. You get what I mean… You’ll probably get a few such calls every day, and it makes you cringe when you hear your phone ring. Thoughts like ‘who’s next?’, and ‘what next!?’ run through your mind.

2) You handle everything from the big things, to the small nitty gritty issues

The feeling that you might be overly reliable comes discreetly when you realise that the same people are asking you to do almost everything else that they can’t do on their own. Maybe people don’t know your time is precious and you have things to do (for others), but they just love to dump everything on you. Why? Because you’re too reliable, no request is too important or trivial for you to decline.

3) You don’t have enough time for yourself!

Your day is spent completing tasks and running errands for others. You compromise on your own To-Do list because no time already… But there’s always time for your own stuff, if you don’t sleep.

4) Sometimes you feel like you are taken for granted

It really sucks when you get chided for not doing something when they don’t realise that they are the ones asking a favour from you. Or when you don’t do it accordingly to how they want it. Nice. Help you do something, but kena scolded or have to see black face. Such lack of appreciation really gets you down and you stop helping for a few days. But only for a few days, because not helping is just another bad feeling, which brings me to the last point.

5) You don’t know how to say “Sorry, I’m tied up.”

It kills you inside to decline requests and be not able to help, when you (don’t) have the ability to. It also goes against your principles to see people struggle and not help. Therefore you agree to anything that people ask of you. If it’s from a family member, you treat it as responsibility. If it’s from a friend, it’s on account of the friendship. Somehow or rather, you’ll squeeze time out.

There you go, 5 signs that you’re being too reliable until you’re suffering from a burnout, but no one else knows because they are too busy asking you for help and favours. Maybe they don’t care…

After reading this post, I felt like I may have just written about Hammy’s life story. Just to make ourselves feel better, we concluded that…




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