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[Event] SHINE Youth Festival – Cosmo Youth Parade

On 30th June 2012 Saturday, I was in town for the SHINE Festival Cosmo Youth Parade to kick start a month-long initiative that celebrates youths’ creativity and passion in the things they love. Thanks to Panasonic and for such a rare opportunity, I had the chance to get my hands on the new Panasonic Lumix GF5 and attend the parade as rookie Photographer!

I asked Hammy along down to *Scape with me for the “I Love Lumix Photography” workshop conducted by award-winning photographer Bob Lee. I was quite excited as this was an event that we could attend together. In the workshop, Bob Lee focused more on composition of photographs – Rule of thirds, invisible lines, curves and angles etc… which I feel I didn’t explore fully during the parade! I’m such a in-the-moment person and whenever I see something, I would just get too excited and snap without thinking much. :X But I’m lucky that the camera produced such nice colours that salvaged my non-existent photography skills. :C


I have no idea what character this is! Please enlighten me if you know. This doggy/fox is just so adorable!! Especially with its pudgy paws posed like that. So cute!!

I think this is a Digimon. Caught him hiding behind one the wings of his comrades. Lol I like that intense stare.

Cute! Erm, but be careful with that knife, lady. :X

Saw this pretty gal! Her face was like porcelain.

Aww friendly Spiderman…

Bumblebee was a hit with the kids! Haha cuz he was kid’s size. If he transformed into a car, he would be like those buggy for kids. :Z omg I sound mean, I like the costume and all but he was just a little too miniature. haha

Another miniature cosplayer – Iron man, not exactly the size that I imagined him to be. Haha this iron man was a little short and small! My impression of the Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr is tall, muscular and hunkyyy. But he got the pose right. Maybe he practised in front of the mirror everyday. ;)

Yikes, predator! I hated this movie when I was little cuz the fact that he could turn invisible scared the hell out of me. I remember watching the movie on tv with my dad and then not being able to sleep because I kept thinking the predator was in my room but I couldn’t see him!! BUT I have to give it to this guy, the costume was really realistic! *shudders*

Cute and puffy sumo wrestlers! After wearing the suit, they were waddling like ducks. Lol.

Mass dance to the ‘Sorry sorry sorry’ Korean song.

Animal mascots advocating animal conservation!

Some surprise photos that popped up during the parade:

Look who’s on the phone? Haha coupled with the guy’s look, this photo is comical!

He’s supposed to be this guy from One Piece! Look like right?? Hahahaha


Then my favourite photo has to this one of Chucky. He was just sitting on the ground next to the trashcan unattended. I bet nobody dared to touch him also. Lol who the hell owns a Chucky doll?! Not scared? Haha.

To tell the truth, it was my first cosplay parade and I was pretty amazed at all the things youths do to pursue their likes and hobbies. Cosplay can also foster friendship between people when they have fun dressing up. I really enjoyed feasting my eyes on all the different characters and although I would never do it myself (I can’t imagine myself perspiring inside that fur suit), I salute those who walked the Cosmo Parade in support of worthy causes and initiatives. :)

The Parade was just the start, and the SHINE Youth Festival 2012 carries on till the end of July. So celebrate the Youth month with SHINE! :)Untitled-1


  • Vee the Fox

    Somebody linked me to your post.
    Hi there, i’m Vee the fox, also friends with the 2 dragons there.
    just saying hi :3

    • mypeaceofheaven

      Hi! I never expected Vee the Fox himself to say hello here. :) very nice to hear from you, and the costume’s really adorable! :) okay so now i know, it’s Vee the fox. How abt the other two dragons? Do they have names too? Sorry I mistook them as digimons. :S

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