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[Review] Detoxification – Myth Unravelled.

Do you still remember the story of conmen going around selling elderly people a magical stone that will turn black to suck away bad luck/health? We have been warned time and again that such a thing doesn’t exist. A magical stone that turns black? *rolls eye*

Yet, it was with excitement and an investigative spirit that I accepted the invitation to DETOXHOME @ Clementi. I had very little idea initially about how the thing works. All I know is that we put our legs into a basin of water, and a while later, it’ll turn black. Sounds like the conmen story yes? But hardly, as I found out.

I did some research on Quantum Energy (in mandarin it’s known as ‘CHI’), the healing power that Detoxhome claims to harness for its detoxification and healing sessions. What came back from Google seemed to confirm that there is indeed such a thing, and many people around the world have experienced its effects. But using Quantum Energy for healing still remains unexplained scientifically, which I feel is just like using The amazing Law of Attraction to get what you want in life..

Thus, I had the attitude that I MUST TRY THIS FOR MYSELF and see if it’s real.





*WARNING* The following will contain pictures that may be disturbing. I have minimized the photos, so only click to enlarge if you want a clearer look.






I was invited by the people of StreetDirectory to attend a detox session at Detoxhome with another blogger, Hazel from There, I was introduced to Evelyn, the pretty manager of DetoxHome.

Detoxhome uses a machine called Bionizer3000 that is ISO 9001 certified and approved by Korea FDA (Class 2 medical device) and water ionization to promote cellular activities and eliminate toxins from the body. Sounds like a mouthful? Basically, the machine emits quantum waves that are transmitted to the body via two metal bars held in the hands of the user. The wave travels throughout the body, stimulating every cell to obtain a healthy frequency. This process dislodges wastes and toxins into the blood stream. The toxins then circulate to the feet to be perspired out.

The soles of our feet contain a high number of large sweat pores (that’s why people get smelly feet!). In the basin of water is an array that generates negative ions, and the when the feet are placed in negative ionized water, the harmful positive ions are attracted out to the water. As the ions leave the body and accumulate in the water, similar toxins will aggregate and form colours.

Evelyn explained to us the various ways that toxins can be accumulated in a person’s body, and these toxins slow down blood circulation, decreases energy, and also prevents absorption of nutrients from food and supplements.

We then met Mr. Tan (not his real name), a regular customer of DetoxHome. She gave us a thorough analysis of the colours and ion aggregation solids found in his detox water.

I was quite repelled by the look of the water. There was brown foam and using the flashlight, we could really see loads of stuff in it!

Heavy metals (mercury, zinc, lead, aluminium, cadmium etc) found adhered to the array. These heavy metals can come from cooking utensils, seafood, cosmetics, canned food, hair dye etc..

Thereafter, it was our turn to try out the technology! I placed my feet into a basin containing ionized water, and held two metal bars in my hands. The metal bars are connected to a machine that emits Quantum waves (it felt like vibrations that penetrates into the arm muscles).

After 35 mins of sitting still, the results of our detox were out! Beware, the pics are going to look pretty bad.

All four of us obtained different results, showing the different constitutions of our bodies. One of us was sick and it showed in her water! There was massive foaming, which according to the indicator chart, which means that the toxins came from her lymphatic system.

The treatment apparently clears blood clots too, as shown in the red aggregates below. Blood clots can be due to poor blood circulation, risk of stroke and heart attack, fatigue, or menstrual residue.

 (not mine ah)

Mine was the mildest among all and I don’t know if it meant that I was healthier, or because my body size is smaller in comparison that I had the least detoxification. Hee plus I was the youngest also.



But anyway, the water is so gross looking right? It looked as if there were ‘solids’ in there, but Evelyn demonstrated that those aggregates are just ions, when she rubbed them with her fingers, the ‘solids’ disappeared.

Now, you must be interested in the effect that this Detox session had on me. All I can tell you that I felt very very tired and fell asleep immediately when I got home. Then the next day, I felt very sleepy too, and slept for significantly longer than usual. Hahaha true enough, I had been staying up late the past few weeks, and perhaps this was my body’s way of ‘healing’ – by forcing me to sleep! Haha Other than that, I didn’t feel any other significant effects.

But all I can say is that this is a progressive method to clear toxins from the body, as the machine provides up to level 16 of quantum energy, while the one that we did was only level 2!

Their Quantum Detox Treatment has effectively:

– Relieved discomfort in joints

– Relieved tiredness

– Improved skin problems

– Improved quality of sleep (I can vouch for this)

– Improved blood circulation

– Enhanced good health and growth

– Helped boost immune system

– Energised and increased concentration for work and play



Next, Evelyn showed us another machine that targets more topical pain and aches. Hazel has shoulder and backaches, so Evelyn attached two pads on the area and using the same technology, but 8 times stronger, to introduce quantum energy into the area where it hurts.

Hazel lay tensed as she described her experience. She said it was numbing and something like drilling into the muscles. :O

Then this was a check that we did to find out our fat percentage and the actual age of our bodies. Needless to say, I am underweight :/ but both our bodies are aged 18!! Woot! I hope my body remains 18 forever! :D

There are other services other than general detoxification, namely body detox and facial detox. Body detox has helped some customers to lose weight, and the facial detox maintain clear skin. I feel that Evelyn, the lady boss, would be the best walking advertisement. She claims to use to the technology to maintain her svelte figure and baby skin. :)

My experience at Detoxhome was really an eye-opener. It also dispelled for me the notion that such treatments are just gimmicks. During our time there, customers kept popping in to chat with Evelyn and booking appointments for their next visit. Most of the customers are so satisfied with the results that they not only return, but also bring their family members along! Plastered all over the walls were testimonials and praise. I guess it’s hard work for the lady boss trying to promote such a technology for healing, where its effects are experienced, and not seen. Evelyn has commented that mindset is very important when using this technology, as your mind can be powerful enough to block out any kind of healing effects if you don’t believe that it can help you.

And with that, the centre got really busy with more customers coming in and the blogger session ended. I thank Evelyn, and the folks from StreetDirectory for giving me this opportunity to experience this! :) I leave you with two quotes from DetoxHome.

“The Best Way To Reduce Your Medical Bills Is To Stay Healthy!”

“Toxins – Better Out Than Stay In Your Body!”

DetoxHome is located at:

HDB Clementi, #01-171, 354 Clementi Avenue 2, (S) 120354

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 10:30am to 8pm. Sat-Sun, 10am-7pm.

By appointment only, please call 6774 4142 or 9337 2441 for enquiries.


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