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[Food Review] Geylang Food Map: Lorong 32 Ban Mian/ Mee Hoon Kway

One afternoon, Hammy and I decided to brave the crowd to satisfy our craving for handmade noodles. This  stall in Lorong 32 Geylang is famous for its dry handmade noodles or kway. Dry handmade mee hoon kway/ban mian is not very common in hawker centres or foodcourts, because it is difficult to make the the dish tasty with factory-made kway/noodle. Using factory-made kway/noodle saves time and effort, but makes the bowl of kway/ban mian kind of  ‘flat’.

Geylang handmade noodles

The stall sees a huge crowd during lunch time. The premises seem like a coffee shop, but there’s only them and the drinks stall. Haha, they probably own the whole space. All the people there are eating only mee hoon kway (flour cake) or ban mian (flat noodles) or you mian (thin noodles).

Geylang handmade noodles

My dry mee hoon kway, with lots of shallots and crispy anchovies. Major love. Ever since most changed to using factory-made kway, I can only reminisce the taste of the bowl of flour cakes my nanny handmade for me when I was in primary school. (Sadly, I’m now too old to have a nanny!) The chewiness, softness and smoothness of the kway is comfort food, and I’ve found it again in this handmade noodle stall. ^. 0

Geylang handmade noodles

Hammy had their meehoonkway soup. Also awesome accompanied by their special chili, albeit also home-made. This is totally the food you’d want to have when you’re feeling down or sick. The soup is unlike those generic stalls with bland soups or super salted with MSG kind. This one actually makes you happy. Haha.

Geylang handmade noodles

Another photo before I stir and mix the kway!

Geylang handmade noodles

After mixing kway with the broth at the bottom of the bowl. Omg, it was so nice!! Not salty and won’t get sick of it. I have no idea what they put in their broth. I particularly love to chew the kway piece by piece. HAHA. But of course, seeing so many people waiting for seats, I did not.

What are other places that serve authentic handmade noodles? I need to try!

L.32 Ban Mian is located at:

558 Geylang Lorong 32

Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 11am-9pm, closed on MonUntitled-1

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