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[Life Update] What’s weighing on my mind.


Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets from people stating that they like to associate themselves with positive people and stay away from negative people. I agree that it is a good feeling to be always surrounded by happy people, and those who are motivated to move on to a better position in life. I try to do it myself.. Blanketing myself from all that negativity from two-faced people/person who keeps on picking on me really helped me to focus on the important things in life, and those who truly care for me.

But I’ve been seeing the message too often, and that got me thinking… If everyone just wanted to be with the happy people, will sad, neurotic people still have friends? Or maybe if a person is cheerful most of the time, but hits a rough patch in life, will those who said they’d rather be with happy people still associate with him/her? Or would they leave and be with those who can live like life’s just a big party?

The question is, how do those people from twitter/blogs look so happy all the time? Don’t they have down times? Have they ever felt their life crashing down like Jenga blocks, and yet still portray a happy facade to the world? Maybe they haven’t and their worlds are really rainbows and unicorns! And that’s why we read their blogs. Haha.

People like to see pretty photos and read beautiful words. Well, at least, that’s what the online world is becoming to me.

I feel, there’s bound to be ups and downs in life. Surely no one can remain upbeat about tomorrow? Correct me if I’m wrong.. If I fell into a pit one day (not literally) and needed help from friends, I’d hope they wouldn’t just skip away and leave me in a corner. But for now, I’m confident in my confidantes. Also in Hammy, who will take all the shit I throw at him and still wave a hand and say, “I’m here”.

life's a party, friends gather here

Hence, I am a little scared when I see such messages on Twitter. Scared of being left behind if I showed even a little sign of whiny-ness, negativity, or anger. Haha it seems like a lot of people are subscribing to this way of thinking. Although, I don’t know how much of it translate to actions. I don’t think they will actually desert friends in need, nor actually move away from sad friends to mix with happy ones. Maybe, they are just implying that all their friends at the moment are positive people, you know how they say birds of a feather flock together.

Well, in any case.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back and ponder on what my existence on the internet means. What is the benchmark of success in the blogosphere? Attending loads of events, attaining some form of recognition and respect, sponsored and paid for loads of posts? Sounds glamourous. Do I want to actively work towards that, or just be comfortable with sharing bits of my life and let things take its natural course?

How about you? What is your true purpose of blogging and what does your existence in the blogosphere mean?


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  • sarahnsh

    I really enjoyed this post and I am a very happy person most of the time but with my rough patches I’ve noticed people who have found out generally would leave me alone. I think that especially on social media sites the person on it always tries to paint a happy picture, which is me when they are especially on vacation you will see more photos and probably more action. I think people hitting a rough patch are less likely to confide in this to others especially on the world wide web, and these people preaching positivity definitely can’t be positive 24/7.

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