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[Life Update] Long update long overdue


The last time I blogged was like 2 weeks ago! So I’m returning with a super long update on what I had been doing that I had no time to blog. I seldom blog about personal life but this post is going to be it.

So what have I been doing?

1) Work.
I have gotten myself the most wonderful job as a health-screener/researcher at NUS where I can interact with people from all walks of life and it gives me a glimpse of how health screenings and clinical trials are carried out. This is almost perfect for me, as when I was still studying bioscience, I wanted a job that would allow me to stay in the science field but also interact with people. So lab research is a no-no. Miraculously, I stumbled into this place where the people are really nice and work as a team so well. ‘Stumbled’ because I didn’t know I was applying for such a position at NUS at all! As it turns out, I am placed in a rather good position as after being with them for a month, they want to offer me a full-time position. My lucky stars must be shining bright. :P

20121122-112108.jpgSome of my colleagues. Really just like family. I’m so thankful for that. Our health screening site is located at Cheng San Community centre, and in this small little room, we do blood taking, ECG, blood pressure, skinfold measurement and even a hearing test. Haha amazing much.


And I actually found out that one of my colleagues is my primary school classmate. Hahaha which is funny because we didn’t know it at first, until we started asking each other where we live, which primary sch did we attend, and finally what class. Haha after we found out, we had such a good laugh.

2) Making bags
But my lucky stars must be shining too brightly (but no complains!) because at the same time, I also got more orders for BearyNaise, my store where I make bags and gadget pouches. Juggling work and a business is not easy at all. They’re letting me try out the full time hours first, so I work 6 days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays, and the rest of the day I am usually too tired to start making my bags. :/ so I think I know what to do next.

As orders for BearyNaise pile up, I decided to take two days off work to start making the bags and pouches. Here’s the recent ones that I made. There are a few more not uploaded cuz the owners haven’t seen them first yet. Usually I will post updates on the crafty things I’ve made on Instagram, so you can follow me at @mypeaceofheaven.

Made this sling bag for my colleague to bring her handphone, purse, a notebook and pen around when we’re at work. She’d asked for a little black sling bag and I thought I would match some dainty floral fabric on the inside.

Made this for Mei Hung for her birthday, which is like long overdue… :/ She loves green so I chose this green striped fabric for her, and what I love about it is that there is glitter on some stripes that gives it a dreamy feel. By the way, this is for her 15″ MacBook Pro. It is fully padded and I’m sure it’ll look great on her. :)

This is for Hammy’s friend, who asked for a sleeve to put his Asus notebook and tablet. It’s one of those notebooks that can be transformed into a tablet after detaching the screen. So inside, there are two compartments for him to slot in the keyboard and tablet separately for his convenience.

I’m excited to start on the next orders! :D I’m also looking into finalising the website so BearyNaise will have a proper and updated home. Lol. So bear with me on that.

3) Eating
Of course I eat everyday, and now I have too many food photos because I didn’t have time to do reviews on the places that I go. Haha so I hope you wouldn’t mind just a summary here.

Malaysia style Lok Lok steamboat




This eating place is located along Tanjong Katong and it was my first time eating steamboat in such a fashion. It’s definitely more hygienic to use satay sticks to dip the food into the soup/peanut gravy, and more fun too! It’d be nice for a bunch of friends to gather and eat together, and do not have to worry about eating each other’s salivas. Hahaha. They also make really delicious Hokkien Mee that you can order as a side.

Seoul Yummy Korean @ Novena Square 2
We sometimes eat there when we have to drop by Tan Tock Seng. The lunchtime special is pretty worth it, but cannot eat too often otherwise will burn a hole in the pocket.

20121122-114623.jpgMy Bibibap. I love bibimbaps (Korean mixed rice) and especially so this one, because the portion is huge, and full of taste. Yummy.

20121122-114745.jpgHammy’s bean paste soup, also yummy and filling.

20121122-114839.jpgOh Hammy, you have a tree growing from your head.

4) Sleep!!
I finally know how it feels to be a working adult, to work all day and be tired for the rest of the night. Sometimes when I get home right after work, I simply drop into bed and concuss. How do people do this for the rest of their lives?! This is so sad… More than half of our lives is spent working and sleeping.

So there you go, a brief update on my life the past month. Jam packed and I find that I simply do not have the time to blog at all. :( Hopefully things will get better, although it’s already pretty amazing right now. :) Having BearyNaise gives me a sense of pride and keeps me sane that I’m not just working my life away. On the other hand, work is also going well, and my superiors keep enticing me with the exciting research that we will be taking on next year. HOW?! :/ I want both can?


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