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Just a short walk in Botanic Gardens


Time for some sunny and pretty photos to chase away the rain and cold! It’s been raining so heavily the last few days that we are getting worried about forfeiting our free tickets to the Night Safari which are valid till end of Dec 2012 only. Right now when I’m blogging, it’s raining too..

The previous week, Hammy and I went to the Botanic Gardens to do a recee for his St John activity and I managed to take a few pretty photos! All photos were taken with an iPhone and some with an Ollcollp lens.

20121213-174900.jpg I love to see an abundance of greenery because living in a city deprives me of that luxury. Everywhere I look is grey and metal. That is why I love visiting such places. I didn’t use to appreciate plants that much, as I felt I couldn’t understand them, simply because they can’t move and can’t talk. But a module on Plant Biology I took in college had completely changed my views on plants. Lol. Now I love how visually captivating plants are!



20121213-175623.jpg The fruit from the plant with the pink flowers. Taken up closed with an iphone macro lens.

20121213-180512.jpgThis is not a plant. It’s really amazing how there are swans and ducks living this in garden, when it is just next to major expressways and the city.

20121213-180028.jpg Another macro photo of ants crowded on a flower bud. The flower must have been really sweet and juicy to attract so many ants!

Finally, my two favourite photos from this collection…! I love how these photos turned out with the filter from Instagram!

20121213-182012.jpg Pink flowers and pink fruits!

We only managed to walk a short distance within the park, not even 1/5 of the entire area. Within the park, there are themed gardens such as Healing Garden, a collection of plants that have medicinal properties, Foliage Garden, Fragrance Garden etc.. So many things to explore!! Hopefully we will visit again. :)


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