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[Beauty Review] Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash and Sealing Jell

ACNE! Don’t we all hate acne? Especially when the weather in Singapore is so sweltering hot, all that perspiration trapped under make up lead to clogged pores and bacteria growth, and then the horrifying pimple. With the help of BB creams and concealers, it can be easy to hide pimples, but when the ‘canvas’ is not smooth, the ‘painting’ would be affected. Plus, I need not elaborate on how pimples can affect a girl’s mood. I can simply reject going out if I have a pimple or multiple pimples, those are the days that I wish to just stay home and rot, hahaha.

I have been suffering from pimple outbreaks due to my hectic lifestyle and unhealthy diet, which is why I was so excited to be sponsored the Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash and Sealing Jell. I have heard about the brand as it is Japan’s No. 1 medicated skin care, but haven’t got around to try it yet. Brands under the huge umbrella of Mentholatum include Hada Labo, Oxy, Sunplay, and Lipice. All big brands, I know right. :)


The Creamy Wash and Sealing Jell, which I have so eagerly removed from their packaging. In fact, they came in a box set together.

Now, Mentholatum Acnes has a simple and proven 3-step daily skincare regime that maintains a clear skin. With its natural, effective and gentle anti-bacterial ingredients, it helps to prevent pimples with regular use, and is also gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Step One: Cleanse


This facial wash is said to pack a whole great deal of benefits.

prevents pimples with its anti-bacterial ingredients such as Isopropyl Methylphenol that penetrates deep into pores.

provides deep cleansing by removing oil, dirt, and impurities that clogs pores.

moisturises with vitamin C that keeps skin smooth.

has anti-oxidant such as Vitamin E to maintain elasticity of skin!


The facial wash is creamy, as you can see, and smells like some sort of medicated chemical. I believe that’s the smell of the anti-bacterial ingredient.

After washing, my skin felt squeaky clean, and was visibly whitened and brightened. I was delighted at the result, because I’m a sucker for anything that can brighten my face. Haha. I noted that my skin felt tight for awhile, and then the tightness went away to reveal smooth, soft and clean skin. I like everything, except for the tightness, because that’s a sign that the facial wash might be too harsh for me, as with most cream type wash. So I don’t use it on a daily basis, and am currently alternating with my existing facial wash.
I probably wouldn’t recommend it for people with dry or normal skin, as it might be a little too drying. It is more suited for growing teenagers who experience a surge of oil production suddenly, leading to acne!

Step Two: Tone and Moisturise
Toning primes the skin for better absorption of subsequent skincare products, and moisturising keeps your skin hydrated. Dry skin actually leads to greater oil production!

Step Three: Pimple Care


Mentholatum Acnes Sealing Jell. What a weird way of spelling, but I think it’s a play on the words Jelly and Gel. :S

The Sealing Jell…

is suitable for oily and blemished skin.

contains Anti-bacterial Triclosan to penetrate pores to prevent growth of acne bacteria.

tightens pores.

keeps oil secretion under control.

is effective against acne! helps unblock pores and promote healing.

contains Vitamin E and B6 to prevent dry and rough skin.


The Sealing Jell looks like a thicker version of the creamy wash, and also smells like it. After application, I felt a light tingling sensation on the pimple.

I love antibacterial pimple creams and believe that they work better by combating the root of the problem, which is pimple-causing bacteria. So perhaps my expectations got the better of me, and I was disappointed when my pimple didn’t vanish the next day. Instead, it stayed red and painful. But what I didn’t realise was that my pimple cleared on the fourth day! So while I am happy that it was gone, it took pretty long that I wasn’t sure if it cleared on its own or the Sealing Jell did its work.

I’m sure it’s just me, because I read really good reviews on this product. Maybe I’m too impatient and expected results the next day, but for pimples to go away, the faster the better. :)

It is still worth a try, because others have written really good reviews, and it may work well for you! ;) So, why not hop over to Acnes (SG)’s Facebook Page and Like to redeem a 3-step kit sample for yourself? :D

Acnes creamy facial wash and Sealing Jell is retailing at Watson’s, Guardian, leading pharmacies and supermarkets for $6.90 and $8.90 respectively.Untitled-1

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