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[Life Update] A day of crafting and cooking


My dad came down with food poisoning, so I stayed home today to accompany and cook him dinner. Special thanks to Hammy who bought minced meat, eggs and carrot and drove to my house to pass them to me… I know I can always count on him. He also brought my sewing kit and tools (cuz my ‘workshop’ is at his place) so I could do something crafty at home!

I decided to make some detachable flower buttons to go with my handmade bags, since without my sewing machine and trove of fabrics, there’s very little I can do. So here they are~

Rounded petals.

I think they look like Orchids… Maybe because of the colour.

These flower buttons will have a safety pin attached to their backs and will go well with the reversible bucket bags that I’m working on :) Can’t wait to show ya the finished products!

My day didn’t go very well, cuz I ran out of gas halfway through cooking, so I had to use the rice cooker to steam my egg with minced meat! I never believed the conventional rice cooker could cook things other than rice until I tried it myself. Did you know??! Haha. But anyway, phew, my steamed egg came out beautifully.

Dinner was a simple rice with steamed egg with minced meat and pickled chye sim. Dropped the idea of a steamed meat cake cuz it took so long just for the egg to be done, and by then we were hungry. Get well soon dad, cuz I know how horrible it is to have food poisoning!Untitled-1

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