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[Beauty Review] Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Spring Water + Giveaway

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water

I was really excited to receive a sponsorship of Bio-essence’s Miracle Bio Water for my review as I’ve always been a fan of Bio-essence. I’ve experienced good results with their products thus far, but I’m a little sad to say that this product didn’t wow me like it did with its other ranges. Not to say that it’s completely not good, because I did experience some good effects :)

Probably the reason why was because they promised too many good stuff! You know how a product over-promises and yet does not deliver all of them, you’d feel teeny weeny disappointed? Yup, that’s right.

The Bio-essence Bio Spring Water promises 20 excellent efficacies for face, hair and body. I was really impressed by their claims, and was prepared to experience all the effects when I received it. I was even intrigued that this product is also recommended for babies’ skin!

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water
Bio-essence Bio Spring Water

The canister has a spray nozzle that works by dispersing the mist evenly onto your skin.

Well, let’s see what worked for me:

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water Benefits
Bio-essence Bio Spring Water Benefits

All these effects are found on the back of the canister, and I’ve highlighted those that I felt its claims are true. Of course I haven’t tried them all, for eg. to use on babies’ skin and refresh after exercise… But anyway, I found that its descriptions of the 20 efficacies kind of overlap, like I don’t see how soothing skin on the face and body is considered as 2 efficacies, I think perhaps what they are trying to tell consumers is that there are 20 ways to use!

Oil Control

Out of all the effects that it promised, I really liked was this – the oil control. Normally when I wake up in the morning, my face would be oilier than usual because I applied moisturiser the previous night right? When I sprayed the Bio Spring Water, my face was less oily and shiny the next morning compared to when I didn’t use it at night. That’s one part I really like, because who likes waking up with oily skin?? It also helped to keep my skin more matte in the day, even with make up.

Whitens and Brightens

Yes, it does brighten the skin temporarily when you spray the water. But the effect doesn’t really stay. It is good for freshening up and when the make up gets dull.

Reduces Dark Eye Circles

Same as whitening and brightening, the effect isn’t long-term. And there are products that target this area specifically, so…

Sets Make Up

I like to spray the mist before and after I apply make up. Before for its oil control property, and after to set my make up. At this part, take care not to spray so much that there are big water droplets on your face, because once my eye liner smudged after spraying! Zzz.. I guess it does perform some make up setting, but honestly, there are better facial mists out there for this purpose.


With make up on, it is practically impossible to splash water on our faces to freshen up. That’s where facial mists come in. It does feel refreshing to have that cooling water settle on your face. For eg. Me sitting in front of the computer right now, who slept at 3 am last night, feels more awake after I used it just before typing this sentence. (Now let’s use it again) =D

Moisturises for lustrous hair

I like using it on my hair too because I find that my hair settles more easily when I arrange it and looks livelier. One tip would be to spray the mist on wet hair before blowing dry and you’ll get healthier looking hair!


Yup, so these are the few important effects that I’ve experienced with the Bio Spring Water. I was disappointed that it didn’t help me refine my pores! ='( But it’s okay, I will continue to use it and see what else it does for me. If there are, I will update this space. =) Other than that, I just feel that this product is one that you can use ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and for ANYTHING. Haha

Thank you for still reading… Now it’s time for a GIVEAWAY! Time to win that bottle of Bio Spring Water and judge the effects for yourself. Maybe you’d experience more~!

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water travel sized bottles giveaway
Bio-essence Bio Spring Water travel sized bottles giveaway

Here’s how you can win 1 of the 3 travel sized Bio-essence Miracle Bio Spring Water for yourself!

1) You have to be either a) Mypeaceofheaven’s FB page fan, or b) my blog follower/email subscriber on WordPress. (To be a FB fan, simply click ‘Like’ at this link. To be a follower of my blog, just click to subscribe on the right to receive updates! =))

2) Leave a comment with your name and valid email below this post, or under the one in Facebook! Tell me why you want to a bottle of this Bio Spring Water! *(“I want to win a Bio Spring Water because … …“)

It’s that simple!


  • You have to abide to the steps stated above
  • Receiving the item is only via meetup at selected MRT stations
  • This giveaway is only open to residents in Singapore
  • Giveaway ends 12th Feb 2013
Watson's promotion for Bio-essence Bio Spring Water
Watson’s promotion for Bio-essence Bio Spring Water

Watson’s now has a promotion for the Bio Spring Water! Get 2 large canisters at $31.90. Alternatively, you can join my giveaway to win a travel sized bottle before deciding if you want to get such large ones :)

Thank you Elfaine and EK media! <3

P.S) I have another giveaway here.Untitled-1


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