[Life Update] Welcoming a new life – Baby Alanis


Hammy and I are happy to announce that he is now promoted to Uncle/Jiu JIu because his sister has given birth to a lovely baby girl! Just last Saturday, we celebrated the baby’s full month with a buffet at their house. The full month celebration is part of Chinese customs, where a celebration is held for family and friends to be formally introduced to the baby. The date also coincides with the end of the mother’s confinement period, where both mother and child are well-rested and have regained energy.

Baby Alanis when she was just newborn. Haha recalling how excited Hammy was to welcome his niece… =))

Fast forward one month later…

It's a Girl!

It’s a Girl!

It’s the first ever baby shower I’ve been to, but hopefully there’ll be more to come as my friends hit marriageable age. Hehe.

A special buffet spread for baby showers

A special buffet spread for baby showers

The buffet spread was unlike usual ones – there were traditional food such as red eggs and ang ku kueh, and also a blue and pink coloured rice! What odd colours, but I was mildly disappointed that it tasted just like normal rice. Haha I was expecting maybe a little sweetness?

Handmade Diaper Cake!

Handmade Diaper Cake!

This is also something that I haven’t seen before… A diaper cake! Goodness, what a brilliant idea! This was handmade by hammy’s cousin-in-law and although it doesn’t sound very appetising, it contains a whole lot of goodies such as diapers, towels, and mittens for the baby to use. Haha a practical and lovely baby shower handmade present!! See more on Pinterest here :)

One month-old baby Alanis with uncle Hammy. Haha she’s totally wingchun-ing him. Look at that position of the hands, perfectly in place for an attack and defense. She’s really active, and has a character of her own already. Hopefully she doesn’t grow to be naughty like how little kids nowadays are!! She’s really cute, and learning how to smile already!


Alright…! This is probably the first time I’ve ever ever held a baby. Because I don’t know why but I have a phobia of dropping the baby. I’m serious. That’s why I’m seated in the photo. Plus I’m always doubtful of my arm strength, and 4 kg sounds really heavy to me. Hahaha but, yes, I carried a baby for the first time in my life! And it’s really a fantastical magical feeling. All that love, aww. and happiness flowing out. Now I know why Hammy is addicted to carrying her. Hee.

To bring a child into this world is no easy feat. It’s a lifelong commitment. People always say children are indebted to parents for giving them life, but somehow I think it’s not fair to say that. After bringing a life into this world, parents have all the responsibility to provide and care for the child, because somehow, the child didn’t ask to be born! Children have to repay the years of love and care, not just because of the simple reason that mothers gave birth to them if they did not care for them after that. Let me know what you think about this? 

I wish all parents and babies health and happiness!! <3


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