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[Life Update] Sunday Column: My Sundays are reserved for you.


Ever since my distant cousin and his wife passed away and left 4 kids behind, I have decided that I wanted to do more than being a relative whom my nephews and nieces see once a year. So I have reserved Sunday to be family day where I spend some time with them at my gugu (aunt) house. :) Ever since their mother passed away, my gugu, who is their grand-aunt, has been hanging out with them on Sundays, hoping to be some sort of a mother figure to them. (you may read what happened here… their plight ignited a huge response from the public who helped them in many ways.)

I was initially afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get into their inner circle, or get them to trust and listen to me. But I was ready to work hard, if need be. Hahah turned out, they were the ones who approached me from the moment I stepped into the house. This weekend, only Brandon and Ethan (2nd and 3rd child) were at my gugu’s house, Vivian and Jayden (eldest and youngest child) were with their grandmother.

Brandon, 10, challenged me to a game of ‘chopsticks’. Haha oh what a childhood game, and I can’t even remember the last time I played it. Apparently he’s really good at it and can visualise several steps ahead of the game. And I have to agree, because I kept losing to him no matter how hard I try to win! There must be some kind of trick to it.

This is him challenging my gu zhang (aunt’s husband), who had a hard time winning him also. Haha. Smart kid.

I spent some time with Ethan, who quietly sat beside me and played some of my iPhone games. Haha he especially liked Doodle Jump even though he had trouble controlling the tilt.

Then we brought them downstairs with the doggie to play and run around a little. :) When the doggie pooped, they picked up and threw away the poop. I’m really glad that they are surrounded by people who love them and teach them the right values.

When they came back up, my another niece (their cousin), started drawing and amazed us with her drawing skills. Haha she literally drew out and told us the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Kids nowadays are really too smart and talented. :) We had a fun time listening to her tell the story.

Her princess is complete with crown, bangles and high heels okay. :D Amazing drawing talent she has.

The kids showered, and we got ready to go out for dinner :)

I took a photo with Ethan :) He was shy and didn’t want to retake when I asked if he wanted to. So this photo is rare okay!

When we got to the coffee shop, it was chaotic and crowded and when we finally got settled down, Brandon was insisting and asking us to order curry crab. Of course my gu zhang and gugu did not agree, cuz it’s not the appropriate time to be eating curry crabs since both the brothers were coughing. Then Ethan, who was sitting beside me, turned around and told me softly..

“My papa die already hor, his motorbike knocked into a bus… Last time when he never die, he always cook curry crab, that’s why my kor kor keep asking to eat curry crab just now…”

I was heartbroken when I heard it, he’s only 6 but able to make this kind of inference from his brother’s behaviour. From an outsider’s eyes, Brandon might be labelled stubborn and naughty by insisting that he wanted curry crab. But after I heard what Ethan said, I know that it’s only because he misses his father’s cooking.  T.T

Anyway my gugu said she’ll cook crab next Sunday! But when she said she doesn’t know how to cook curry crab, Brandon said, “Aiya, if my father is alive he can teach you how to cook!”

The things kids say can be so straightforward and truthful that sometimes grownups don’t know how to react. But of course we don’t discourage them from expressing their thoughts, it’s also a healthy way to deal with the loss. Right?

I’m really looking forward to next Sunday when I hopefully can interact with Vivian and Jayden too :) They are just too adorable and sensible, and such a joy to be around with. And my worries are unfounded, because any task is easier when done with love. <3



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