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[Life Update] Sunday Column: My Mama is a Butterfly


It’s Sunday again, the day when my sister and I drop by my aunt’s house to spend the day with my niece and nephews! I’ve decided to add a weekly column on my blog that is dedicated to them.

This particular Sunday was more special as we were going to celebrate their grandmother’s birthday, and my aunt invited her to dinner. While my aunt was cooking, the kids and I were downstairs at the void deck playing. Haha my Gu Zhang went to buy tomato ketchup and entrusted the children to me. I was freaking out cuz I was the only real adult present!

It wasn’t easy trying to control 4 kids, and there were times when their play got too violent (you know how it is with kids), and my sister and I had to persuade Brandon, 2nd child, to apologise to Vivian. Haha patience is key. But the two younger kids are so good. They sensed that something was going on with the two elder kids and just sat around quietly.

After Brandon apologised, Vivian forgave him, and the issue was resolved, we went upstairs so they could shower and get ready to have dinner!

Now I’ll explain the reason for my title for this post… which is something really touching.

We were in the lift heading upstairs, and the Ethan (3rd child) spotted a bug. It wasn’t like the usual insect we see around; it was round in shape. Ethan said, “Look Kor, got insect!” At first my sister and I didn’t know what was the commotion about, we thought the kids were scared of the bug. I then got a clearer picture of the commotion and realised that the children thought that the insect could be their mother who came to visit them. Then Vivian was like, “No la it’s not mummy, it’s been so long (since her death) already…”

When the lift door opened, the two younger kids kept looking back into the lift, and said, “Bye bye Mummy…”, and the doors closed.

I really didn’t know how to react to that situation so I just slowly ushered them into the house. Someone must have told the children that their parents might come back to visit them in other forms. Sigh, I probably didn’t describe the situation very well, but at that moment, it was heart wrenching to see the young ones having to go through separation from their parents.

But life goes on…

When we got back, my aunt had prepared a feast, including the promised ‘chilli crab’, except that it was tomato sauce so that the younger kids could have it too.

homecooked dinner

fried omelette with long beans

Fried egg with long beans.

tomato crab

Tadaaa! Home-cooked steamed crab in tomato sauce. It was really yummy, and I always admired people who could cook up an entire feast by themselves. There were also fried buns (mantou) to go with the sauce, just like how we Singaporeans love it. :)

birthday cake

What’s a birthday celebration without a cake? :D

The grandmother having a birthday wish. She had taken up the responsibility of caring for the 4 children ever since both their mom and dad passed away… I think we all know what she was wishing for.

After the candle was blown, each of the four kids went up to their grandmother to give a hug and promised that they would be good children. :) It was a really sweet and touching scene. She’s really all they have now. I wish her health. And most importantly, for the 4 children to be sensible and filial to her as they grow up.

Til’ the next Sunday then! :)

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