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[Craft] BearyNaise Fashion Bags Project: Strawberry Bucket Bag


I’m really proud to present the next bag in the Beary Naise Fashion Bag Project. It’s called the Strawberry Bucket Bag! 100% handmade, with lots of love and hope that it would turn out exactly the way I want it to. The Strawberry Bucket Bag is worn as a sling across the body, and is really handy for basically any occasion!

bearynaise handmade strawberry bucket bag

bearynaise handmade strawberry bucket bag

It features the pleated design as seen on the Beary Naise Over-sized Clutch. You can say it’s a personal obsession. I LOVE PLEATS!

To spice things up, I added a strip of scallop crochet lace around the flap, which I think turned out perfect. ^^

Beary Naise handmade strawberry bucket bag

I also used my favourite heart-shaped magnet for the flap to be secured to the body.

Beary Naise handmade strawberry bucket bag

The odd bucket shape actually provides plenty of space for belongings, and of course, I do not forget a zipped pocket for keys and other trinkets.

Previously I said that I would share more about the making process, and here it is, I took more photos this time round. But not to the extend for every step, because there are simply too many steps in the making of this bag! But if I do ever ever publish a book in the future, rest assured that I would note everything down to a tee. That will probably be many more years to come. Haha but a good goal to work towards. :) *day-dreaming mode*

Making a zipped pocket

Here’s what you need, two pieces of pocket material, and I used a 5″ nylon zipper.

making a zipped pocket

This is what it’ll look like after I’d sewn and cut the opening for the zip (not shown), and flipped the pocket material to the back of the body piece.

how to make a zippered pocket

Flip the body piece to the front, and pin the zipper within the opening.

making a zippered pocket

Remember to switch to a zipper foot before sewing on zippers.

zipper foot making a zippered pocket

Top-stitch along the zipper all the way round, and it’ll look like this on the front!

making a zippered pocket

Now it’s halfway done, and just a bit more to go. Flip to the back and add the other pocket material on top of the existing pocket material. Remember to place the two pieces right sides facing each other.

making a zippered pocket

Stitch around the sides of the pocket material, and viola! Here you have a pocket.

making a zippered pocket

I used to have trouble sewing zippers, but with loads of practice, my skill became better and now I love making zippered pockets because they add much more functionality to my bags.

Finishing the bag

bearynaise handmade strawberry bucket bag

So this is how the flap looks like before it’s attached to the bag body, done all nicely with interfacing and all.

handmade bucket bag

I like to machine baste the cover flap to the bag body so that it doesn’t shift when I stitch the whole bag together. So I just machine baste the flap to one side of the body (don’t sew down the whole thing otherwise you’ll close up the bag! Lol)

handmade bucket bag

This is me attaching the bag strap, again, sewing it down onto the side of the bag body so it is secured in place when I sew the exterior and interior pieces of the bag together.

Sewing the exterior and interior pieces together

I used the flip-out method, which isn’t shown here cuz I forgot again… :S My excitement always gets the better of me.

But forgive me, because I’m on a very tight schedule in preparing for something big in May! Stay tuned! :D

handmade bucket bag mypeaceofheaven ootd

My OOTD for Dermal Therapy’s product launch in Singapore. Omg I am so in love with it! It adds a sweet girly charm to my ensemble. Really dainty and unique cuz of the strawberry shape. It is also so handy that I wear it EVERYWHERE I go now. I love it!

I made this bag for myself, but am already in the process of making more for sale. I hope others will love it as much as I do. :)

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Please do LIKE us on Facebook!

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Alright, that’s all for now. Back to work!




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