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[Beauty Review] Solution for cracked heels, dry skin, and brittle nails!

I remember when I was working in an office environment, and spending at least 8 hours in an air-conditioned room 5 days a week, I had very dry skin. Especially when I couldn’t escape touching carbon papers (invoices) and papers every day, my fingers were severely dry. The skin on my right thumb even started peeling and my fingerprint disappeared. :/ I encountered problems when traveling out of the country when they use an automated fingerprint recognition system – was called to be scrutinised by the customs officer every single time. I wish I knew ways to protect my fingerprint, lol, sounds funny, but yes, I didn’t know that fingerprints could disappear due to the skin on the finger peeling and re-growing. -_-‘” Gua gua…

After that unfortunate loss, I realised the importance of applying hand creams to maintain soft and moisturised hands, and to keep the dry environment of air-conditioning from attacking my skin!

Which I think everyone should be doing, especially people who spend every single day in an air-conditioned room. If your skin is itchy, flaky, or peeling, it could mean that it is very dehydrated. And it’s time you do something!

I’m going to introduce you to Dermal Therapy, a newly launched skincare range in Singapore that targets common skin problems such as cracked heels, discoloured/brittle nails and very dry skin!

Dermal Therapy skincare review

The key ingredient that is occurring in all the Dermal Therapy products is Urea. It seemed totally outrageous to me when I heard it, because I know for sure that Urea is the main nitrogen-containing component in urine of mammals. O.o Haha I raised it up to the presenter at that point of time and he clarified that the Urea they use is chemically synthesized in the lab, and has nothing to do with the yucky stuff that we excrete other than having the same chemical structure. Hahaha. Phew.

After more research, I found out that Urea is actually used in quite a number of skin care products in the market and that it actually has very good benefits for the skin!


  • has extreme moisturising abilities due to its powerful water-binding properties
  • is an effective humectant (a substance that promotes the retention of water)
  • minimizes water loss from the epidermis
  • strengthens the skin’s barrier function against potential irritants
  • is a natural moisturiser found within the skin, which is why very dry skin has very low levels of urea

Therefore, Dermal Therapy’s products are essentially replenishing the Urea that is present in very low amounts in dry skin, providing effective moisturisation.

I really have no complains after trying on every product that they gifted me. Not only that, I also tested them on Hammy and his grammy, because Hammy has slightly cracked heels, and peeling skin on his feet, and his grammy has some really dry spots due to old age.

Let’s get to know the products! :D


Dermal Therapy Heel Magic ($15.50) and Heel Balm ($6.90)

Dermal Therapy solution for cracked heels

Both are formulated to repair rough, dry and cracked feet. They also smooth thickened skin on feet. The Heel Balm is said to yield visible results in just 3 days! But for that to happen, you’ll have to use twice daily, morning and night. The Heel Magic is designed to leave no messy fingers, as it is easily twisted out like a lipstick.

Key Ingredients of Heel Balm:

  • Urea
  • Centipeda Cunninghamii (australian herb) – softens hard skin
  • Skin emollients such as Lanolin, Petrolatum, Sodium PCA, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera

Key Ingredients of Heel Magic:

  • Urea
  • Olive Oil – excellent spreadability, contains anti-oxidants like Vitamin A and E
  • Beeswax – soothing and softening properties

Both are paraben-free, and diabetic friendly~

So I tried these two products on Hammy’s feet. Guys really need to take care of their feet too, especially after two years of wearing those army boots, those feet often get blisters that lead to hardened and dry skin etc…

Dermal therapy heel balm review

On his left foot, I applied the Heel Balm, and almost immediately, you can see an improvement in the affected area.

Dermal therapy Heel magic review

On his right foot, I applied the Heel Magic. There is some improvement, but a little less than the Heel Balm as the dry skin was still visible. The Heel Magic is also more greasy than the Heel Balm, due to the presence of olive oil.

The Heel Balm is really effective, I feel, because after 3 days of application, Hammy’s left foot healed better than his right. BUT, Hammy commented that he really enjoyed applying the Heel Magic, because it was like using a huge stick of glue on his foot. Haha. Therefore, I would recommend it for people who don’t like to leave any messy cream on their hands, as it is really convenient and fuss-free to apply, and also yield results.


Dermal Therapy Nail Magic ($15.50)

Dermal Therapy Nail Magic review

I confess, I have a very bad habit of peeling my nail polish off just after a few days. I won’t even use the nail polish remover, I would just. peel. it. off. Which is really bad for the nails because it strips off the top layer, making it thin and brittle, and could make it more susceptible to infections.

Dermal Therapy Hand Balm

So far, I am lucky not to suffer any serious misfortunes with my nails, but I realised that nail polish does make them more yellowish and dull. I cannot take more than 4 or 5 days with nail polish, so I cannot imagine how some girls live with constantly polished nails.

But don’t worry, if your nails are yellowish, you have Nail Magic to your rescue! Don’t forget to check your toenails too!!

Key ingredients of Nail Magic:

  • Urea – keeps cuticle and nail well moisturised, and creates an effective barrier between your nails and potential irritants
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – bleaching agent with disinfectant and antiseptic properties
  • Hydrolysed Keratin – peptides that penetrate and hydrate and strengthens nails
  • Vitamin E – antioxidant that reduces free radicals
  • Aloe Vera – soothes and hydrates

Nail Magic would be useful to those with yellowed nails, often associated with medicinal side effects, eczema, overuse of nail varnish, diabetes, and smoking.


Dermal Therapy Gentle Hydrating Wash ($14.90)

Dermal Therapy Gentle Hydrating Wash review

Dermal Therapy Gentle Hydrating Wash thoroughly cleanses without stripping your skin’s essential oils, making it suitable for those suffering from Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. It is also good for those whose skin come into contact with strong detergents or dish washing liquids often.

Key Ingredients of Gentle Hydrating Wash:

  • Urea -humectant to draw moisture in
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Decul Glucoside & Lauryl Glucoside are cleansing agents that cleanse without irritation

The wash is also gentle to use on the body, making it suitable for use in shower just like a shower gel~! For best results, use in conjunction with Dermal Therapy Intense Hydrating Lotion.


Dermal Therapy Intense Hydrating Lotion ($17.90)

Dermal Therapy Intense Hydrating Lotion review

This is one amazing product! It protects skin against dryness, chafing and everyday irritants, providing optimum hydration for dry skin on arms, legs, elbows and back. Daily use helps create a balance in the skin that is essential for soft and healthy-looking skin.

Key Ingredients of the Intense Hydrating Lotion:

  • Urea
  • Dimethicone – with centipeda acts as a protective barrier
  • Centipeda Cunninghamii – unique Australian herb that has anti-inflammatory, cell renewal and antiseptic properties

It is extremely helpful for those suffering from dry skin which may be caused by dry environment, medicinal side-effects and medical conditions.

I applied this lotion on Hammy’s grammy as I noticed that she has some very dry and flaky patches on her arms. It could be due to old age.. or due to all the regular medications that she takes. Take a look at the immediate effect! It really works wonders.

Dermal Therapy Intense Hydrating Lotion review

Isn’t it cool?? Haha I was really amazed by the immediate effect. Her skin looked so much better, and felt softer and smoother. The age spots also appeared lighter. She liked it very much and was very satisfied with the results. :D So now we’ve been applying it daily for her to relieve her of the dry patches.

I would recommend this for very dry skin such as the one seen in the picture. Be amazed at the results for yourself. :)


Dermal Therapy Hand Balm ($7.90)

Dermal Therapy Hand Balm review

Yup yup, this is what I need to protect my hands. Even though I don’t work in an office now, and do not have ‘very dry hands’, I still need to keep them moisturised and soft. After the face, hands are the second visible tell-tale signs that can reveal a person’s real age. You’ll be surprised at the number of women who don’t take good care of their hands, but spend a fortune on serums for their faces. This leads to a mis-match between aged hands and a youthful face. =S So I think hands need some tender-loving care as well. :)

But besides that, this Hand Balm is also suitable for hands affected by dry air, detergents, and dermatological conditions such as Eczema & Psoriasis.

Key Ingredients of Dermal Therapy Hand Balm:

  • 10% Urea – increases water uptake from the dermis layer of the skin and enhances the stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin)’s water binding capacity
  • Vitamin E – conditions the skin from free radical damage
  • Lanolin, Glyceryl stearate, and Decyl Oleate – restore and maintain moisture balance of the outermost layer of skin

This hand balm is richly formulated, so a little goes a long way!


Dermal Therapy Lip Balm ($5.90)

Dermal Therapy Lip Balm review

Dermal Therapy Lip Balm’s concentrated formula contains a synergistic blend of ingredients specially designed to hydrate and soften severely dry lips, keeping them smooth and healthy-looking.

Key Ingredients:

  • 2.5% Urea – removes dead skin cells to allow moisturising emollients to access deep into skin to replenish lost moisture
  • Petrolatum – works like a barrier to prevent further moisture loss
  • Menthol and clove leaf oil– act as a painkiller to analgesic, to alleviate the soreness and discomfort associated with dry lips

The Lip Balm is helpful for providing relief from the drying effects of medication such as those used to treat acne, cancer, or vitamin deficiencies.

Dermal Therapy Lip Balm review

My lips are naturally dry with lots of lines, and that is also the reason why I cannot and dare not apply lipstick because the lines would show after awhile. Before I can start using matte or bright red lipsticks, I figured I need to get my lips to become smoother and softer! And I think Dermal Therapy’s Lip Balm might just be my solution. Hopefully with regular use, my lips will become more youthful looking and less wrinkly! :)


What a long post on all the amazing products from Dermal Therapy! You deserve a medal if you made it to here. Haha. This post sure took a lot of effort, so thank you for reading! :D

I really think Dermal Therapy is good for very dry skin, brittle nails, and cracked heels. If you’re suffering from these problems, head down to Watsons and Guardian’s to get your bottle of remedy!

Prices are as stated in the post and products are available at Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy.

For more information, please visit! :)

Thank you Cindy and Womcomm!Untitled-1


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