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[Life Update] Sunday Column: Being a little closer to Heaven

ShabbyBlogsDividerFThis post is two weeks late!! But I’m happy to be finally writing about it, because it was such a blessing to be able to spend such an exciting and happy day with my nieces and nephews. :) It all started when my Uncle called and say that someone had so generously booked an entire Singapore Flyer cabin for the 4 kids, and family and friends were invited too! Wow, in my mind I was overwhelmed. It’s really not cheap to do that, and I was determined to find out who the person was.

So on 31st March Sunday, my sister and I met up with the kids and their grandmother at their void deck as the kind people also chartered 2 minivans to ferry everyone to the Flyer. To my surprise, Royal International Group artistes Elson Soh and Yumi Beh were present as well. I admit, I didn’t know who they were before that day. I have a tendency of not knowing how famous or how successful a person is, this shows how blur and ‘suaku’ I am… But I think it’s better like this? Otherwise I’d feel that there is a gap and I’d feel shy to hold proper conversations. =S But anyway, the whole day happened without me knowing they were singers and I still didn’t know until the end of the event.

Haha but that’s not the main point of this post, let’s come back to the event! :) We reached the Singapore Flyer at 6pm, and had dinner at the Food Trail.  No photos of the food, but of trishaws! Haha.

Singapore Food Trail old trishaw

My little nieces and nephew having fun. These will definitely be good photos to look at again when they are older.

Singapore trishaw vehicle instax mini

I took one with Vivian and she was so nice to let me have this polaroid! :) The effect is so cool, it really looks like we are at some old and dirty street right? Haha oops.


One with my sister before we board the cabin. Hmm different nose but same smile?

When we got into the cabin, it was pretty chaotic as the kids were EVERYWHERE and so excited about being so high up. Haha meanwhile, Vivian, my sister and I camwhored.

Such a sweet smile, Vivian! :)

I also took some photos of Singapore’s night city view. Vivian told me that she likes to shoot photos with a slanted view, and I thought that was an interesting way to look at things, so I tried it. Lol taken with iPhone, so quality is not very good. Sorry..

Singapore night scene

singapore night scene

singapore gardens by the bay night scene

Gardens by the Bay from afar. Reminds me of Sydney’s Opera House.

The sky got dark by the time we had gone one round on the Flyer. I think evening is the best time to visit the Singapore Flyer as you get to enjoy Singapore’s view when it’s still bright and then when it gets darker, the buildings light up the sky and it’s a whole different feel.

Vivian and my sister. Haha the girls continued to camwhore while the boys were busy in the gift shop.

More and more people joined in. LOL. Us with Yumi.

Left to right: The kids’ grandma, Vivian, me, ma sis, Yumi, social worker, my aunt, my mother.

After the Flyer, I asked Elson, “So do you know who are the people who sponsored this Singapore Flyer trip for the kids?”. I explained that I blog about my time with my niece and nephews and I would like to know so that I can thank whoever that helped in my post! Gua gua.. I had totally no idea that they were the ones behind it. He then told me about Project Awareness (a non-profit group that was responsible for the event that day), and we exchanged facebook contacts and blog URL.

When I got home, I checked out Project Awareness, and holy moly, I was amazed by the work that the organisation was doing. Their mission is to render immediate assistance to people who are in need of help by rallying fellow Singaporeans. After learning about the plight of my niece and nephews, they came to their father’s wake and promised to help in whatever ways they can. Other than this project, they have also taken up others where Singaporeans can reach out to people in need, such as providing meal coupons to elderly, raising funds for medical bills etc. Please go here to see what they’re doing! Support!

For this Singapore Flyer trip, many may think that it’s an extravagance for the kids, but there’s a story behind it. Brandon, the second child, was exhibiting stubbornness and wilfulness after their parents’ death, and their grandmother was having a hard time controlling his temper. So Project Awareness came up with this incentive for him to listen to his elders and be a good child. If he was able to be good for one whole month, they would bring him to the Singapore Flyer as a reward! After they shared this plan on Facebook, I was touched to see so many people encouraging Brandon to be a good example for his younger brothers. :’) See the link here.

Project awareness elson soh yumi beh

Got this photo from their facebook post from here.

I am just really grateful for everyone who has contributed to this enjoyable day out for the kids. Special thanks to Elson and Yumi – the ones who initiated this Project Awareness. And many others who were behind the fruition of this trip. I’m really impressed at how much they have progressed since starting just a few months ago! Fame is powerful when used in the right way.

Vivian, Brandon, Ethan and Jayden had such a fun time. Laughter and smiles, what a precious gift. Thank you Project Awareness. :’)

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