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[Food Review] Geylang Food Map (Old Airport Road Food Centre) – Pasta Manna

I’m back with some food posts, because I realised that my Geylang Food Map posts get quite good hits. If you’re interested in my Geylang food posts, simply type “Geylang Food Map” in the search box on the right ^.^ I think Singaporeans are always on the lookout for the best food around, be it atas restaurants or good ol’ fashioned hawker food. Since Hammy and I frequent Old Airport Food Centre – like AT LEAST 2-3 times a week, and we’ve probably tried almost everything from that food haven, I think I can recommend a few stalls that we both think are worth a try :)

Today’s post is on Pasta Manna, a stall that sells, you got it, spaghetti. The name is cleverly spun off from the more famous fast food pasta food chain, Pastamania. But don’t belittle this standalone stall, it sees a great deal of people queuing during meal times.

Old airport road hawker centre pasta manna

See all the people I was queuing behind during dinner time, and there are still a few more behind me. Basically the queue won’t shorten unless the stall runs out of pasta to sell. I usually won’t queue for it because I’ve eaten it a thousand times, and would prefer to sneak in when there are less people, say in the late afternoons. But that night I happened to have time while waiting for Hammy’s friends to reach the hawker centre for a dinner meet up.

pasta manna old airport food centre

The stall is manned by a husband and wife couple. The man whips up all the pasta dishes, while the lady prepares the plates, soup, garnishes etc. One thing I noticed that they use a clean pan for a new order each time, which also means that the lady does ALOT of washing of frying pans. But it’s definitely more hygienic than re-using the same pan for all tomato-based pasta, and another for cream-based pasta, and a third for Aglio Olio. Lol

old airport hawker centre pasta manna spaghetti

A closer look at the menu – there’s Aglio Olio, Al Fungi, Alfredo, Amatriciano, Arrabiata, Cabonara, Meatball Pasta, Sausage and Ham etc etc. There’s also soup of the day and toast to complete a set meal.

old airport food centre pasta manna aglio olio spaghetti

This is my favourite from the stall, Seafood Aglio Olio. They are very generous with the serving of prawn and fish, since I always order mine without sotong/squid. It looks really plain from here, but the taste packs a punch. They really use white wine as an ingredient, so you can taste that, and it’s unlike other Aglio Olios that just lack flavour.

old airport road food centre pasta manna aglio olio

The whole dish is not dry, neither is it oily. I love the sauce that is hidden under all the noodle, which tastes of fragrant garlic and white wine. Take note if you can’t take spiciness, remember to request for no chili padi!

Sorry no photos of other pasta dishes, although I’ve tried their cabonara, and personally not a fan of outside-cooked tomato-based pastas, because I think Hammy makes the best home-cooked tomato-based pasta. Haha. Their cream-based pasta is also really good! Very very tasty, especially the one with bacon. It takes longer to get sick of the creaminess as compared to other cream-based pastas I’ve tried ( my own opinion ). LOL. Actually, I think Pasta Manna is the only place yet that I dare to order cream-based pastas, because it’s a waste of money to just eat a few mouthfuls and then getting really giddy cuz of the heavy cream.

I will update with a photo of the cabonara if I have craving for it again! Hehe.

Price-wise, it is cheaper than Pastamania, and tastier than Pastamania. Totally worth it! This is the reason we hardly eat at Pastamania anymore, except for their calzones la.

Pasta Manna is one of the stalls that we recommend. Go try it!

It is located at:

Blk 51 Old Airport Road

#01-81 Old Airport Road Food Centre

Closed on Mondays.Untitled-1

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