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[Beauty Review] Talika Photo-beauty Therapy Anti-Ageing Line

It’s been awhile since I blogged about the media event of Talika’s at The Equinox at Swissotel, and I’m back with the review of the sponsored products after using them for quite awhile now, a long while, in fact!

You really have to read about the media event, because I blogged about the brand Talika, and the science behind their first skincare range of products using a special ingredient called Photo-Beauty Enzyme. So this post will solely be on the review of the texture and effectiveness of the products.

Talika Photo-beauty Therapy Anti-ageing Line review

I was sent three products – one main, and 2 anti-ageing. They have another line, which is for skin brightening. But I decided to go for the anti-ageing because to be honest, even though I’m only in my early 20s, irregular sleep patterns and lack of fluids really make my skin feel like it’s already 30. Crap. I am super small-sized, and I don’t want an old face that doesn’t match my small frame. I’ve been mistaken for being younger than I really am because of my build, I want it to stay that way. Lol.

So anyway, I’m really thankful for having the opportunity to try this brand of anti-ageing products, because it is so unique. The science behind it, I mean. It uses an enzyme that is activated by light, to repair the damages done to our DNA by harmful UV, essentially using light to combat the damage caused by light! How amazing is that?

I’m saying this because it really works. For me, lah.

First up, the The Light Essence.

Talika Photo-beauty therapy the light essence review

The people from Talika call this product ‘The Star of The Show’. It is the main product that they came up with first, before branching their skincare range into Anti-ageing and Brightening lines. So this is their baby.

What it does is boost your skin’s potential to absorb nutrients from your subsequent skincare products. But not only that, it also helps to brighten complexion and hydrates your skin.

Talika Photo-beauty Therapy Anti-ageing Line review

It is very light and watery, and simply glides on my skin when I apply it. Then, it is instantly absorbed. It disappears even without massaging because it is so light. I use this every day and night after cleansing and toning, and before the others.

So my regimen for Talika’s anti-ageing line is I use The Light Essence followed by the Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti-Ageing Serum in the day, and Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti-Ageing Cream in the night. Definitely for Singapore’s weather, the serum’s a better choice because it is lighter than the cream. For nights, the cream can intensively nourish and moisturise while your skin does its repair works!

Next, Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti-Ageing Serum

It combines the benefits of the Photo-Beauty Enzyme with other active ingredients to treat all signs of ageing: wrinkles, loss of firmness, skin refinement, and dehydration. After 2 weeks, there is an increased production of collagen by 19.9% shown by ex-vivo tests. By week 4, the signs of ageing are visibly reduced.

Talika Photo-beauty Therapy Anti-ageing Line review

The texture is a gel-like lotion. I usually just use one squeeze of the pump – pea-sized. It is very smooth to apply, and like The Light Essence, it is absorbed very quickly. I also love that it smells like roses.

I really love the serum because it keeps my skin so soft! It has this sort of plumping and smoothing effect after application that makes my skin feel so much more youthful. It makes my skin feel so smooth to the touch in the day. It contains adenosine, tetra-peptide, and soya beans for anti-wrinkle and firming action. Equipped with the Photo-Beauty Enzyme, it also helps my skin to repair DNA while I’m out! It doesn’t even matter if I were wearing sunblock, because sunblock blocks the harmful UV, while the enzyme just requires visible light for activation! Light has different properties at different wavelengths.

Finally, the Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti-Ageing Cream

Talika Photo-beauty Therapy Anti-ageing Line review

Similarly, the cream’s DNA regenerative ability is activated by light. It contains adenosine, walnut seed, soya beans for anti-wrinkle and firming capabilities. Just that the cream is here to intensively nourish and moisturise the epidermis layer.

I apply this at night before I go to bed. So you must be thinking, how is it going to work at night if it requires light? Hehehe. Remember what I said about wavelengths of light? The Photo-Beauty Enzyme only requires visible light, meaning that light coming from your room, iPad, phone, also work. And before I sleep, I’ll confirm walk around my house, then lie in my bed and use my phone for awhile, so during this time, the enzyme is working. Lol, I tell you, the science is really too exciting.

The cream is much thicker than the serum, but it is not oily nor does it cause my skin to break out. After application, I will massage my skin for it to be better absorbed. And in the mornings, I wake up with my skin looking soft and moisturised! I really love this line from Talika.

Notice how there is some condensation/mist on the bottles? That’s cuz I put them in the refrigerator, and I can tell you it feels better on the skin when the essesnce/serum/cream is cold, and in fact I would think that it works better as well! Why? This is because the Photo-Beauty Enzyme is a protein, and proteins are more stable at colder temperatures and high temperature will destroy it. Hahaha I’m not sure if that applies here, but I’m just using what I learned from my Bio-science labwork days… ;)

Alright, that’s all for the review, I really really adore this anti-ageing line, but alas, I have to pause using them cuz I have other anti-ageing products to review! :D I have something exciting on anti-ageing products coming up; a review + giveaway. So stay tuned, come back for more! :)

Talika is available only at Sephora and BHG Bugis. Essence $149 (140ml). Serum $99 (30ml). Cream $129 (50ml).

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