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[Beauty Review] Get a V-shaped face with Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP series

I think I’ve got a V-shaped face, but it’s not because my skin is super firm or anything… it’s just because that my face is so skinny that my bone structure shows. So I have my sharp chin to thank for the V shape face, well at least it looks V-shaped from the front. From the side, it’s a different story. Lol. But, I’ve noticed that the area next to my mouth is not firm! In fact it bulges up a little while I smile. don’t believe me? Check out the photos.


Me without make up… and please pardon my hair, it was my first time using a hair curler!!! >.<

Mini mini bulge, but it is there. I’d like to think that it’s cause I smile too much. :D So thank you Elfaine and EK Media for sending Bio-essence’s Royal Jelly + ATP range my way! The package contained 3 products, including the awesome one that gives you a face lift! Haha actually all of them are awesome.


From left to right: Bio-essence Deep Exfoliating Gel, Face Lifting Cream, and Radiant Youth Essence.

Believe it or not, I tried this range before a few years ago, and I think they didn’t have the addition of Royal Jelly back then, so it was just ATP as an active ingredient. I’m really glad they added Royal Jelly, cuz it contains proteins and 17 types of amino acids (amino acids form proteins, and proteins are the growth factors of skin cells) and many other nourishing stuff. It also has anti-bacterial property to help with acne. So kudos to the addition of Royal Jelly!

As for ATP (adenosine triphosphate), it is the main source of energy for all the cells in our body. It is the FOOD of cells – what they consume to obtain energy for cellular processes such as synthesis of proteins, excretion of toxins etc… So, more energy, means more work can be done?

Okay geek-time over. Back to the review.

It’s recommended that you get skincare products from the same range, so they can work together seamlessly to help bring the results that they promised. But sometimes do you feel like you like the facial cleanser, but not the toner from the same range…? Or you like the scrub from this brand, and facial wash from another brand etc…? For this range, the ones I’ve tried are really good, so I have no qualms using them all together as part of my skincare regimen.

Deep Exfoliation Gel

First, I would use the Deep Exfoliation Gel.


After massaging the exfoliation gel in circular motions on my face, small flakes of dead skin appeared, same as those on my hand in the picture. There was no irritation, no redness after using the product, and my skin definitely feels smoother! I could also see that some of my blackheads were extracted during the process.
I’ve tried this exfoliation gel a few years ago before, and I can tell that they have toned down its strength (either that or my face does not have that much dead skin now!!). With this current formula, it is mild and gentle enough to be used on a daily basis.

One important tip would be to make sure that your hands and face are dry. The exfoliating gel does not work when they are wet.

Next, I would wash my face, and tone.

Radiant Youth Essence

Then enters the next star – the Radiant Youth Essence.
It is enriched with Royal Jelly, ATP, Green tea extract and other precious herbs like Ginseng and Wolfberry. It hydrates, and locks in moisture to keep skin soft, supple and healthy.


Once pumped out of the bottle, it is very runny, like extra virgin olive oil. Then after spreading onto my face, it is rapidly absorbed and leaves no oily feeling! The first time I used it, I remember going, ‘wow’. It’s really good on my skin, and doesn’t cause any breakouts, nor does my skin produce more oil on its own.

Face Lifting Cream

Finally, the wonderful Face Lifting Cream! The one that was on tv for a period of time where it showed people measuring their face after applying the cream and found that their face had become smaller/firmer by a few centimetres!


I was pretty thrilled to try this as really, so many people saw immediate results. But I was pretty worried at first cuz my face is already very thin and small (refer to photos above), what if I look skinnier after using this?! But I got that out of my mind because, the main point of this product is not to shave inches off your face, but to firm up.

There are 8 benefits to using this cream:
– Lifts facial contours
– Firms sagging skin
– Reduces double chin (lotsa women have this)
– Contracts pores and refines skin (yay!)
– Reduces appearance of ageing lines
– Deeply nourishes and moisturise skin
– Reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles
– Shapes V face, enhancing feminine charm

And the results are almost immediate. After application, I feel that my facial skin is so much firmer. It was so bouncy that I couldn’t stop poking it and feeling it bounce right back. Don’t judge, it’s fun! :P I hope with regular usage, my little bulges will be firmed up so that my face can be a perfect V! :->

Over 6 million bottles have been sold across Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong! Try it if you haven’t!

Or you can try to win one of the products from the Bio-essence Shape V face series!
Answer a few questions on their Facebook page and 30 winners will win a product every day! The link to the game is here:
Bio-essence Facebook Game

Good luck. :)

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