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[Fashion] My Levi’s 501 Interpretation featuring: Hammy

Levi's 501 Singapore

Today I’m going to show you something very very rare and I suppose will never happen on my blog ever again! It is a photo shoot of my boyfriend, Hammy! Hehehe, if not for the requirement for one of the posts to feature the Levi’s 501s, I probably would never get to have Hammy pretend he’s a model for like, 30 minutes. So thank you Levi’s! :D I’m like gloating here, but Hammy’s groaning in agony.

Wait, you must be thinking, why couldn’t I do it myself? That’s cuz unfortunately Levi’s Ladies don’t stock Ladies’ 501s here in Singapore. What a pity! Omg… Come on people, if more ladies show an interest in 501s, they might bring ’em in!! And really, what’s there not to love? Levi’s 501s are stylish, durable, and so versatile!

If you agree with me, click on the poll! :D No names needed!

Do you know there are FIVE special iconic features that all Levi’s 501s will possess?

Levi's 501 Interpretation Blog Singapore

Levi's 501 Interpretation Blog Singapore

Levi's 501 Interpretation Blog Singapore

Levi's 501 Interpretation Blog Singapore

I’ve never tried button fly before, but Hammy has commented that he loves it because it is super comfortable. He says it helps right after a meal. Haha if you know what I mean.. :P

These five features are unique to a pair of 501s and they show that you have an authentic pair. They weren’t implemented all at once in the beginning, but were slowly added one by one to further differentiate themselves from imitations over the years. Interesting nugget of information!

So anyway, I roped in Hammy’s help to model in a pair of 501s, and here’s the look that I created for him! He’s really a very simple person, and so nothing fancy. Levi’s is all about being effortlessly cool.

Levi's 501 interpretation Blog Singapore

He’s decked out in all Levi’s, including the sneakers! Love the natural grain lines of the denim.

I really like the T-shirt, where it shows the iconic two-horse design. It’s freaking awesome to know that two horses can’t tear a pair of Levi’s 501 apart? I wonder if they really did that experiment or it’s just a figurative depiction of the strength of the Levi’s denim material… hmm..

Levi's 501 interpretation blog Singapore

He’s totally rocking this look. *.*

Levi's 501 Interpretation Blog Singapore

Okay I tried to get him to pose in other ways and he gave me this look. Hahaha it’s a sign that he’s getting grumpy cuz he’s doing something he’s uncomfortable with – modeling. LOL. He cracks me up. Hahaha..

Anyway, we had fun trying to style Hammy with Levi’s apparels – or rather, I had fun. And the staff at the outlet are so friendly and helpful! They gave us total freedom in picking out the outfit, and were there when we needed their help. Thank you!

So that’s all for my Levi’s 501 Interpretation for Hammy, I love it! Hahaha I hope you liked it too.

By the way, Levi’s is holding a Levi’s 501 Interpretation Campaign where people can submit their looks while wearing a pair of 501! If you own a pair of 501, why not take part in this contest? The top 5 winners get $300 cash + $200 worth of Levi’s vouchers, and also join contestants in their global 501 campaign!

View submitted looks and join the contest here:

Also, check out more information on Levi’s 501 here: Levi’s 501 same as always like never before


I’m in the running for Levi’s Best 501 Interpretation Blog in Singapore Blog Awards 2013! If you liked my post, please vote for me here: Thank you. Check out the 501 interpretations by other bloggers too!


Special thanks to hammy for being my model. <3

Till the next post!Untitled-1

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