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Beauty Review *NEW* Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Guess what? My wish to try the Biore Marshmallow facial wash came true! It was just not too long ago that I mentioned in this post that I would like to try the Marshmallow Whip next, and then one day something marvellous arrived in a box! *Major Grins*

NEW Biore marshmallow whip review

A huge box filled with cotton wool; I salute EK Media for their effort!! Thank you for making it such a delight to open! Notice the little card in the box? Do you see something new??

NEW Biore marshmallow whip review

There is a new addition to the family! Let’s welcome the Biore Marshmallow Whip that is formulated for acne prone skin. That’s the one in green. The pink one is Regular for normal-combination skin, and the yellow is Extra Moist for dry skin. They have chosen such sweet and refreshing colours for the packaging. I like! Not only did Biore introduced a newcomer, they also improved on the Regular and Extra Moist versions. I believe they made them less harsh on the skin.

If you don’t already know, I love bubble foaming facial washes. My previous facial washes have all been bubble foam washes, and now it’s the Biore Marshmallow Whip. :D

NEW Biore marshmallow whip review

I chose the Regular formulation. It is very convenient because one pump and one minute is all I need to have a clean face. The foam contains bubbles that are smaller than pores so cleansing is made effective. Skin Purifying Technology that is unique to Biore is able to cater to different needs of the T-zone and U-zone.

NEW Biore marshmallow whip review

I have to say, the foam is really really soft and fluffy. When I wash my face, I can hardly feel my skin, because the foam creates a cushion between my fingers and face. The ultra fine foam actually prevents excessive tugging and pulling of skin during cleansing. And when I’m done, my skin is brightened and feels and looks clean. I really like that this formulation is not over-drying on my skin and doesn’t cause any flaking or peeling (have that issue with other Biore facial washes), although my skin does feel a little taut after cleansing. But other than that, no big issues, so this candy is here to stay. I’ll probably get the Extra Moist version next!

Biore Marshmallow Whip is available at $14.90 at Watson’s, Gaurdian and major departmental stores.Untitled-1


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