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[Make-up Tutorial] Sweet and Girly make up in 7 steps for Beginners

sweet and girly make up for beginners

Today I’m going to share how I usually do my makeup. Personally, I don’t like to pile on too much on my skin, and I’m super fuss-free. So in 7 easy steps, here’s how to get a simple and sweet look! :)

sweet makeup in 7 easy steps tutorial

All you need are 7 items.

1) BB cream

I prefer BB (blemish balm) cream to foundation for an everyday makeup because I like that it takes care of my skin and I don’t have to worry about the blemishes being too cooped up underneath layers of foundation/powder. It also provides a decent coverage, and most importantly, sun protection. I used L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique BB cream, which is on the dry-er side. It doesn’t leave any layer of shine on my face. Some BB cream are quite creamy and I would mattify it with loose powder after applying BB cream.

2) Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrows frame your whole face and it’ll be really weird if you have make up on but did not draw your eyebrows. I have black hair, so I only use black/grey eyebrow pencil, and SILKYGIRL has one in soft black! It is like more like a crayon than a pencil, as it rubs off very easily. My eyebrows are thick, don’t really have to draw, so I just use it to fill in the lighter parts. Another brand that has it in grey is Za Cosmetics.

3) Liquid Eyeliner

I like tight-lining my eyes, meaning I draw my eyeliner as close to the waterline as possible. I also don’t draw the line too thick. I’m using Mabelline’s Hypersharp Liner.

maybelline liquid eyeliner

4) Eyelash curler

This is a MUST step for me. Curled eyelashes really open up my eyes. They look bigger, and brighter. I have a handy tool with me, it’s the Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler. It is super easy to use because it doesn’t require the pinching or squeezing act. Hahaha I admit, sometimes I accidentally pinch my eyelids while curling eyelashes and it is very very painful.

panasonic heated eyelash curler 7 easy make up steps

Panasonic Heated eyelash curler

It features a heated and 360 degrees rotating comb that can either turn clockwise or anti-clockwise. Therefore when you change hands to curl each eye, it doesn’t pose a problem at all. Just a simple guide, when I’m holding the curler in either hands, I would turn the dial up and I’d make sure that the rotation is going against my lashes. With the heated eyelash curler, I found it easier to reach the corner lashes that are tinier and harder to reach with a usual mechanical curler. It also provides a more even curl, so that no lashes are left out! Haha. And guess what, it works on falsies too!

I think this is really great for beginners as it is really safe to use, and it doesn’t pull out some of the lashes if you accidentally jerk your hand while squeezing, or cause a kink in the lashes. The heated comb is not that hot when placed on the skin so it will not burn you.

5) Mascara

maybelline extreme stiletto mascara make up steps

Mascara with curled lashes is my secret to getting big and ‘awake’ eyes. I’m using my favourite drug-store mascara, Maybelline’s Long Extreme Stiletto mascara, which I did a review before.

6) Blusher

simple and sweet make up in 7 steps

Blusher adds some colour to my face and makes me look healthy. I’m using SILKYGIRL’s Shimmer Duo Blusher in Blushing Pink that includes a wide flat brush. The light pink blusher does give a sweet girly look. I realised I’m using quite a few products from SILKYGIRL! That’s because I feel that their products are more formulated for the asian skin and skin tone.

7) Lip Gloss!

Finally the last step is to apply lip gloss or lip balm. I have pretty dry lips (I think it’s cuz I don’t drink enough water) :S I’m using the Braphy’s Lip Plumper.

make up in 7 easy steps. Lip plumper, lip gloss, lip balm

YAY so my make up is done in 7 steps!

make up in seven easy steps asian skin

make up in 7 easy steps asian skin panasonic best beauty blog finalist

Did you realise something? Out of 7 products, 4 of them are dedicated to the eyes. I feel that eyes are my best facial features, and so I spend more time to bring the sparkle out in them. What are your best features? :)

make up mini tutorial sweet and girly look in 7 steps

All make up products used are easily available at drug-stores and as for the Panasonic heated eyelash curler, it is retailing for $49 at Panasonic counters at Harvey Norman, Best Denki and Tangs.

Okay one last photo which I edited using Girls Camera cuz I was bored! Lol.

simple and sweet make up in seven steps

Compare with the first photo, do I look younger and sweeter?? Hahaha. -_-

Okay I hope I showed you the basics of a simple and sweet make up well, and if you’re looking to start experimenting with make up, try this look! It’s really easy, and I don’t think you’ll go wrong in any way, except maybe take extra care during the eyeliner step, which take a bit of practise.

I hope you enjoyed the mini tutorial! :)

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