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[Fashion] Levi’s x Mypeaceofheaven Lookbook Collab #1

Levi's x Mypeaceofheaven Lookbook Collab Part 1

Hi guys! We’re having a really bad case of HAZE in Singapore! The worst ever and it’s not even safe to step out without an N95 mask! But I hope this post will cheer you up, it’s a lookbook collab featuring: Levi’s! :D

Levis' spring/summer 2013 shorts

I chose this pair of cute little jeans shorts from Levi’s a few weeks back when we were invited to their store at 313 Somserset. I wear shorts on a daily basis and this is too pretty for me to resist!! A new addition to their Spring/Summer 2013, this salmon pink shorts has little speech bubbles print all over and embroidery details on the hem. I lurve details like these! It makes me feel that special thought has been put into creating that pair of apparel.

So here goes!

Levi's x Mypeaceofheaven Lookbook Collab Part 1

I paired this adorable shorts with an equally adorable t-shirt. Haha PERFECT for my everyday wear!

Levi's x Mypeaceofheaven Lookbook Collab Part 1

The quality is top-notch, material is super comfy.

Levi's x Mypeaceofheaven Lookbook collab part 1

And this get-up is great for keeping myself cool! The weather is hot enough!

Levi's x Mypeaceofheaven Lookbook Collab Part 1

Do check out Levi’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection at the various Levi’s stores!

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Thanks for looking,


P.S) Sorry no outdoor shoot cuz I fear for my health!!! Please take care everyone, drink lots of water and wear masks even though the haze has cleared because the PM2.5 value is still very high!! FYI, a normal number should be PM2.5 less than 40μg/m3 and now it’s still 100+μg/m3.Untitled-1


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