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[Beauty] 50’s inspired hairstyle with Panasonic Multi-styling Straightener!

Panasonic multi-styling straightener review

Remember my Levi’s x Mypeaceofheaven 50’s inspired post yesterday? Today I’m going to share with you guys how I did my hair to suit the 50’s theme! Women in the 1950’s sported huge curls and rolls of hair on the head.

50's hair50's hair

50's hair

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So pretty right?? So I attempted to create the curls using the Panasonic Multi-styling straightener! It is so awesome because it comes with 5 attachments that gives you different sizes of curls, and can even straighten your hair! The attachments are Straight, Volumizer, Medium curls, Large Curls, and Extra Large Curls. See this post for a closer look!

For the 50’s look, I chose the ‘Extra Large Curls’ attachment and slid it onto the heating iron.

panasonic multi-styling straightener hair curling blogpost

Now, before applying any heat to your hair, you should apply a heat protector to prevent damaging your hair. I used a hair treatment oil called the Camu-Camu Oil.

What it does is to make your hair soft and smooth, prevent split ends, revitalizes damaged hair, and protects from thermal damage. It is a leave-in conditioner oil that is applied to the mid to end section of the hair. It smells a little like some fragrance oil. I didn’t quite fancy the smell when I first tried it, but after a few usage (cuz I really like the soothing effects), I got used to it and found that it isn’t that bad after all. Haha. I use this on normal days as well, whenever I feel that my hair is getting a little frizzy and dry from all the humidity. After using it, my hair actually dropped less, felt healthier, stronger, and bouncier.

camu camu hair treatment oil review

After applying the hair oil, I proceeded to curl my hair! Grabbing about 1 inch of my hair each time, I curled my hair downwards towards my face, to achieve curls that are facing inwards, like the picture below.

panasonic multi-styling straightener curling blogpost

I started from the right side of my head, then move to the left.

panasonic multi-styling hair curling beauty blog

After I curled every bunch of 1-inch hair, I rolled it up with my finger like this, and stood in front of the fan to quickly cool the curled roll of hair. Haha the trick to long-lasting curls is to let the hair cool in their curled state. Do not tousle if the curls are still warm, otherwise they won’t last.

So yes, I did that finger curling and standing in front of the fan thing for every roll and found that my curls indeed turn out nicer and bouncier than if I just left it. A bit time consuming, but no choice when I didn’t have hair pins to pin my curls up and wait for them to cool by themselves while I do the whole head.

Panasonic multi-styling hair curling beauty blog

Tadah! The extra large curls are done! Time to spray and set the curls in place. Using Lucido-L Designing Air Hair Spray.

Lucido-L Designing Air Hair Spray hair curling beauty blog

i attempted a roll of hair with my fringe by curling my fringe, then arranging it into a roll and pinning it with a hairpin! I totally enjoyed doing the fringe, cuz it’s something different from the usual just-leave-it-down look.

Panasonic multi-styling hair curling beauty blog 50's inspired hair

A closer look at the roll.

50's inspired hair beauty blog

50's inspired hair beauty blog

How is it?

50's inspired hair look beauty blog

Yup! So this is all for my 50’s inspired hair-do, to go according to theme with my Levi’s x Mypeaceofheaven lookbook collab #2. When Hammy saw me, he was like, “Wah, very old”. Hahaha and I was like, “Great! I achieved my aim”. (^.-)

After a few practice sessions with the Panasonic Multi-Styling Straightener, I found that it’s actually not difficult to create a look that I want! With 5 different attachments, it allows me to achieve so many different looks. :) It is easy to use, and I don’t have to worry about the heating iron burning my fingers as the heating plate is not exposed. Plus, the heating plate is photo-ceramic coated, which reduces colour fading and maintains hair moisture better than other irons by 15%!

For more information, please visit |

Alas, this is the last challenge post I’ve set out to do for the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 under Panasonic Best Beauty Blog category. :( I really enjoyed using the Panasonic Beauty tools to pamper myself, THANK YOU PANASONIC and OMY.SG!

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