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[My Life Update] Little Jayden’s Birthday Celebration

It’s been awhile since I blogged about my nieces and nephews, sorry for the lack of updates. But I would like to let everyone know that they are doing well, with their grandma, uncles and aunties by their sides. The super cute Jayden has turned 4! Thanks to a few volunteers, the family decided to to organise a simple BBQ near their HDB block last Sunday.

I only knew about the celebration on the day itself and I fretted over what present to get at such a short notice! So I was at NEX’s gift shop at Gifts Greetings on level 4. It’s a pretty cool shop with lots of ideas for gifts and parties! You can find presents for almost everyone. Walking, walking and I really couldn’t think of what to get. Then I was like since it’s a BBQ, why not get sparklers so everyone can play together?? When I was a kid, I loved sparklers and it’s only on special occasions that we get to play with them. So, present set! Although I was a little concerned whether the adults would allow the kids to play with ‘fire’.

Their uncle was like, “Don’t want la, could get hurt…” After both their parents passed away, the responsibility of the four children lay on the uncles, so naturally they would be more protective. But luckily (for me), their grandma gave the green light and so the fun started! :)

sparklers birthday celebration

Hammy was the one who handed out the sparklers, after teaching the kids not to point them at each other, how to hold the sparklers correctly, and maintained order. I passed him the sparklers stick by stick so he could light them. Haha it’s really really tough to control about 7 kids all scrambling to get a stick of sparkler on their hands. We told them to line up, which sometimes fell on deaf ears. Haha

This is such a rare moment because both Eden and Brandon were not running about/shouting etc.. We prepared a pail of water so they can throw the sticks in to cool after it burns out.

I am so sorry that I didn’t have any photos of Jayden, cuz he’s always running about!!! Haha a little boy full of energy. So ironic right, birthday boy not in this birthday post. :S

We found out that Vivian, the oldest child, had a phobia with the sparklers because an accident happened before when she played with sparklers, and her skin was a little injured and scarred by the sparks. So she was very hesitant at first. But we encouraged her and reassured her, and soon, she joined in the fun as well!

Hammy had brought his camera and we made it more engaging for her. Instead of just holding it, we challenged her to write her name and it took several tries before we managed to catch this :) Now, after seeing the effect she could create with the sparklers, she seemed to have overcome her fear of the sparklers.

Haha alright… I played a little too! Seriously, we can never be too old for sparklers okay??

I’m so so relieved that nobody was injured or anything. Really big thanks to Hammy who handled the kids so well!

Throughout the party, the kids played catching, running about at the nearby basketball court. Vivian had actually baked a rainbow cake for Jayden’s birthday! I was very very impressed. Dang, how could I have been so busy being impressed that I forgot to take a photo?! I promise, more photos on the next birthday celebration in JULY, Brandon’s birthday!

Stay tuned~Untitled-1

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