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[Beauty Event] Bionike Brand Event @ Chameleon

You must be thinking, “What is Bionike? A new sports brand??”

Lol, that was the thought that I had when I first received the invite to the Brand Event. BUT I was so so wrong!! Haha to set the record straight, it’s not even pronounced as ‘Bye-yo-neigh-kee’, but “Byoo-Neek-eh”. Hehehe.

So what is Bionike?

In Greek, “BIO” = Life, “NIKE” = Victory.

BIONIKE specialises in dermocosmetics for sensitive, allergic, and reactive skin, ideal for both treating and preventing skin conditions. If you have sensitive or easily reddened skin, and it seems like any mainstream brand can wreak havoc with your skin, this is a brand that you can certainly look out for. For people with not-so-sensitive skin, read on to find out why you need allergen-free products as well~

“All BIONIKE products are Preservative-free, Fragrance-free, Gluten-free, and Nickel-tested.”

Why would I care if I don’t have sensitive skin? Read on…

Have you counted the amount of cosmetics and skincare products we slather onto our faces everyday? It can easily go up to 20+ products a day if you count facial wash, toner, moisturiser, serum,  sunblock, primer, foundation, powder…. and the list goes on. Plus some products we use TWICE a day. Even if the amount of allergens are in very minute quantities, putting together allergens from ALL THAT products we use everyday, it would be rather substantial!

For people with sensitive skin, just 1 product that is not suitable would cause a reaction.


Bionike Brand Event Singapore

But how come we haven’t heard of BIONIKE before!? Despite being relatively new in foreign markets, it actually owns the 4th largest market share in Italy, right after more well-known (to us) skincare brands like Vichy and Eau Thermale Avene!

Bionike Brand Event Singapore

The event was held at Chameleon, a newly opened club at 22 Dempsey, where, coincidentally, my aunt works as their marketing person. Teehee.

Bionike Brand Event Singapore

Really cute canapes to bring us through the presentation and introduction to the Brand.

There are already quite a few ranges of skincare from BIONIKE dedicated to different skincare concerns, as you already know, the brand is very established in Italy. I’m going to just briefly introduce what the different ranges are:

Bionike Brand Event Singapore [Acteen]

Acteen – A range of treatment and cleansing products specific for skin prone to acne for teenage boys and girls. Though I believe that adults with problematic acne-prone skin may find it beneficial as well.

Bionike Brand Event Singapore [Defence Hydra]

Defence Series – includes all facial and body cosmetic treatments developed for the protection, defence and beauty of skin, for all skin types, suiting even very sensitive skin. In this range they have everything from BB creams, to sunblocks etc..

Bionike Brand Event Singapore [Defence Tolerance]

There are many more, even a range of hair dyes, and nail treatments, that are not shown here.

Bionike Brand Event Singapore [Defence Elixage]

Along with the brand event, BIONIKE also proudly presented their newest range, Defence Elixage, a range of treatments to address skin’s ageing concerns. It includes serum, cream, eye-lip balm, mask, and even a dietary supplement which helps to fight free radicals within your body!

I was sponsored a couple of products from this new range and will be glad to review them in an upcoming post + a massive giveaway catered to various skin types that you can look forward to!! :) Too many goodies, needa share!

Bionike Brand Event Singapore Beauty Bloggers

I made new friends! Eileen, Sherlyn, Jocelyn, and Candy. Picture credits to Jocelyn :) Thank you!

Love attending events where I get to make friends with other bloggers, I realise that I’m braver when I attend events alone, where I can easily mingle with others. But when I’m with Hammy, I tend to stay more within my comfort zone. Plus there’s also the worry of whether he’ll feel left out or bored if I went to mingle with others. :S

So yeah! It’s not true when they say bloggers are superficial and stuff, cuz there are people like that everywhere. There are also bloggers who are genuine and friendly, you just have to make that judgment yourself and decide whether that person is really who she appears to be. Granted, I’m too naive and thinks everyone to be good unless proven otherwise. Haha. And I gotta kick this habit of getting hurt/disappointed when someone doesn’t turn out the way I expect them to be. That’s just so silly on my part.

Alright, ending this post on a more personal note! Look out for my review + giveaway next! <– It’s up! Do join! :)

Special thanks to Xinyi for the invite :)

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