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[Beauty Review] BIONIKE Defence Elixage + 4 sets of BIONIKE products to Giveaway!

In my previous post on BIONIKE’s brand party at 22 Dempsey, I mentioned that I received several products for reviewing, here they are! I’m also conducting a giveaway at the end of this post, where you can win yourself some awesome products for concerns like acne-prone, very dry, or sensitive skin! :)

From the Defence Elixage range, I got the Elixir Regenerating Fluid, Satin Regenerating Cream and Contour Eye-Lip Balm. Luxurious sounding names, right?? That’s how your skin should be treated – like royalty.

Not only is this range targeted at ageing skin concerns, such as visible ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dull complexion and dryness, it also boasts to be without preservatives, fragrance-free, gluten-free, and nickel tested. As such, it is gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive or easily irritated skin. What a bonus!

Bionike Defence Elixage Anti-ageing range for sensitive skin review + giveaway


Widely used in food and consumer products, preservatives are one of the main causes of allergic reactions. BIONIKE’s skin care ranges are therefore formulated without preservatives to minimise the possibility of developing allergies on sensitive skin. So remember to pop your BIONIKE products into the fridge so they’ll stay fresh longer :)


Fragrance is a major and primary cause of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) as it contains a cocktail of chemicals that are usually not reported in ingredient lists.

Gluten- Free

This is more important for people suffering from gluten-intolerance. Although a low chance of the cosmetics applied topically entering the bloodstream via the skin, there’s still a chance of the cream getting onto your hands and into your mouth. Sounds yucky, but it happens. It then sets off bodily reactions like bloating, abdominal discomforts.

However recent studies have shown that cosmetics containing gluten may cause skin alterations, especially in allergy-prone, sensitive skin subjects.


Even residual nickel content can lead to allergic reactions, especially for people with allergy-prone skin. Which is why BIONIKE products are tested and confirmed to contain a nickel content lower than 0.00001% (which is almost zero, if you ask me).

Bionike Defence Elixage Anti-ageing range for sensitive skin review + giveaway

The Cream and Eye-Lip Balm comes in a tub, and to my surprise, enough thought was put in to include a scoop as well. Most skin care products that come in a tub do not provide that. It is definitely recommended to use a scoop in this case, because the creams do not contain any preservatives.

Bionike Defence Elixage Anti-ageing range for sensitive skin review + giveaway

Elixir Regenerating Fluid (SGD 349)

The Regenerating Fluid comes in a small bottle that dispenses a small amount of serum with each pump. What it does is stimulate the natural production of structural skin components, promote natural skin regeneration and strengthens its defence mechanisms, through a complex formulation of Hyaluronic acid, Elastin, Laminin-5, Lycopene, and Vitamins F, A, C, E (hahaha how apt).

It has a silky texture and is smooth to apply. It is a lot thicker than other serums I’ve tried, and also takes longer to be absorbed. I do not like to apply a thick serum in the day as it doesn’t give me a matte face as desired, so I apply this at night after cleansing and toning. It has pretty similar effects as the cream, read on for the verdict.

Bionike Defence Elixage Anti-ageing cream for sensitive skin review + giveaway

Satin Regenerating Cream (SGD 339)

Similarly, the Satin Regenerating Cream promotes the skin’s natural regeneration mechanisms, enhances repair processes and counters damages from free radicals. It has a thicker texture than the Regenerating Fluid above, but is also very silky and soft to apply.

I also apply this at night after cleansing and toning, alternating with the Regenerating Fluid. On some nights I apply the Fluid, on some I apply the Cream. Since it is thicker, it also takes a while to be absorbed but it doesn’t affect me at night because my skin has the entire night to feast on it :)

I want to comment on how delightful my skin is when I wake up. All that oiliness on the face the night before disappears and my skin actually becomes soft and silky to the touch. It is pretty amazing, despite it taking longer to be absorbed.

It also has amazing hydrating properties. I find that my skin does not peel at random spots anymore and the overall look of the skin is plump and even-toned.

Bionike Defence Elixage Anti-ageing eye and lip balm for sensitive skin review + giveaway

Contour Eye-Lip Balm (SGD 149)

My favourite product from the range – the Contour Eye-Lip Balm. One of its kind, it targets not only the delicate eye area, but also the area around the lips, where skin tends to flake. It happens to me, so this product is a god-send.

It leaves skin supple and toned with its hydrating and moisturising properties. And the best thing? It provides an immediate perceived filler effect to your eye and lip contour areas. Sounds cool doesn’t it? :)

I can feel a tightening of the skin on the areas that I’ve applied the balm, and sure enough, my lip contours do feel a little bit more plumped up, though not very much until it’s very obvious. Not sure how effective it is with removing wrinkles with regular use, as I’m still in the process. But so far, I am satisfied with this eye-lip balm, and apply it every night and sometimes in the day too, mainly to prevent my lip area from chaffing. Er, maybe I wipe my mouth too violently after meals? Or simply never drink enough water.. Haha.

Final Words

Overall, I like the BIONIKE products from this range and will continue to use them. As it is very gentle, it does not cause any irritation to my skin at all. Perhaps its mildness is also the reason why it takes longer to see results. But as long as the results are sustained, I don’t see a reason to banish them just cuz they take longer. I really like how my skin feels after everything is absorbed :-)

BIONIKE products are exclusively available at Guardian Outlets.

Like “BIONIKE SG” on Facebook to learn more about the brand!



BIONIKE gave us bloggers a huge packet of samples from their other ranges along with the 3 retail-sized products reviewed above, and so I’m sharing them with you! These are too good not to share! I haven’t tried them all personally, as I only have one face (dry to normal to combination sometimes), so I feel these sample packs will benefit someone who has that particular condition. I really hope they’ll be able to help people with very sensitive skin and are at their wits’ ends with regular drugstore products, and as you can tell, BIONIKE’s price range is in the higher end.

I’ve sorted them out into their various ranges targeting the different skin types/problems so you can choose which set you wanna win! Ideally, there will be 4 winners, each walking away with their desired sample set! If you know any friends who have sensitive skin with the following concerns, do share this giveaway with them.

Bionike Triderm range for sensitive skin review + giveaway

Giveaway Set 1: Sensitive/Easily Reddened Skin

From BIONIKE’s Triderm range, a bodycare sample pack targeting very sensitive skin. So gentle that it can even be used on baby’s skin and scalp. The ultra gentle shampoo is said to be effective in soothing irritations such as a baby’s flaky scalp.

The intimate wash is of course for grown-ups only. Haha. Don’t worry cuz the descriptions and instructions are stated behind the packets.

If you have very sensitive skin and would like to win this, comment under this post with “I would like to win Mypeaceofheaven’s Giveaway Set 1!” with your name and a valid email address.

Bionike Defence Elixage Anti-ageing range for sensitive skin review + giveaway

Giveaway Set 2: Anti-Ageing & Skin Regeneration

This set targets ageing skin concerns and contains products like the Regenerating Cream and Eye-Lip Balm that I’ve reviewed above, and also anti-ageing treatment creams from BIONIKE’s another anti-ageing range – Defence CODEXAGE.

If you would like to win this set, please comment under this post with “I would like to win Mypeaceofheaven’s Giveaway Set 2!” with your name and a valid email address. :)

Bionike Acteen range for sensitive skin review + giveaway

Giveaway Set 3: Oily, Acne-prone, Sensitive Skin

I hope this sample pack will be very helpful for someone who is experiencing acne problems, oily and yet sensitive skin that flares up with the use of any skin care products.

The Purifying Cleansing Gel helps to reduce follicle clogging and formation of whiteheads and blackheads. The Sebum-Normalising Cream is said to contain anti-bacterial properties and is ideal as a make-up base. All information are found at the back of the packets, so do read them before using.

If you would like to win this set, please comment under this post with “I would like to win Mypeaceofheaven’s Giveaway Set 3!” with your name and a valid email address. :)

Bionike Proxera range for very dry skin review + giveaway

Giveaway Set 4: Very Dry & Sensitive Skin

For this set, I’ve put together a couple of products that tackles very dry skin. Moisturiser, shower cream, body emulsion, face cream, and even a 10% urea cream, which is a highly effective treatment for severely dry skin conditions. I hope this pack will help someone out there suffering from flaky and very dry skin!

If you would like to win this set, please comment under this post with “I would like to win Mypeaceofheaven’s Giveaway Set 4!” with your name and a valid email address.



After commenting, do remember to ‘LIKE’ Mypeaceofheaven on Facebook to get updates on future giveaways or to connect with me :) Share the post on your timeline to gain an extra chance of winning!

Giveaway is only open to Singapore residents, and ends 18th August 2013! I will then pick the winners of each set randomly and email ya!

That’s all it is to take part in this giveaway. :D Thanks for reading cuz it took super long to prepare this post. Products are sponsored but views are my own.

Thank You and Good luck!



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